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Why You Should Avoid Developing A Website In Flash


If you know anything about web design, or anything about the Internet in general, then you’ve probably heard of flash. Actually, there are plenty of websites and online ads that use flash and some web designers claim that Flash will never go away. However, there are now more reasons to avoid the development of a Flash website. Not that the flash isn’t able to attract attention, it’s just that at this point the technology is so advanced it’s not needed.

One of the main reasons why Flash is not the best that can be included in the design of your website is because it really slows down the site. When an individual types in your web address and the browser points to your site, then they are going to be waiting a significant amount of time for the site to open. The truth of the matter is that no one cares as much about flash design. Will they sit and wait for your site to download information in order to open it. Therefore, when using flash design that could be a “better” looking site, but you can expect to lose a lot of traffic because people just don’t want to sit around waiting.

Another reason to avoid flash design because it can be distracting. Flash is always on the move, allowing film as technology for your website. This results in the flash distracts visitors from your website, as they focus on showy flash. For many websites clear and simple graphics are more important and better retain visitors.

The last reason is that most mobile phones can’t view flash unless a browser such as chrome is installed. You don’t want to force your customers to download just to view your site. Most would leave your instantly. More than 50% of your customers are probably via mobile so you need to keep that in mind.

Of course, when using flash you might think that your site looks better, and it might. However, you really need to think to yourself what is more important, a site that looks great, that nobody opens, as it takes a long time or a site that looks great and opens immediately? Chances are that you will respond to the site immediately. Allow all visitors to the best choice because the more visitors you have, the more money means that your site will generate.

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