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Why Visitors Don’t Turn Into Customers

Every good Internet business understands the value of conversions against the beatings. Too often, companies become fixed in the visits they receive on the site instead of its success to sales conversion rate. This mistaken approach is the road to ruin, and that does not take the issue of abandonment.


“Abandonment” is one of those terms that has a unique meaning when applied to the Internet. The term refers to the reasons why a user leaves a site before taking action with the wishes of the site owner, usually buying a product or making an inquiry.

There are a number of beautiful websites with unique innovations. Unfortunately, these sites rarely get any benefit or unnecessarily limit their profit potential. Site owners should focus on one thing in building a site – converting visitors to customers. To avoid abandonment issues, you should focus on:

1. The site should always load as quickly as possible to accommodate all visitors.

2. The site should be designed for ease of use, and not “what looks good.”

3. All ads must click directly through the items that are being searched, not the main page of the site.

4. Site pages should be short to improve load times.

5. The information is not relevant to the product or service should be removed.

6. Flash, music and other “friendly” site should be removed or optional to speed up load times.

7. Registration for the site newsletter should be very easy.

8. Customers should be required to complete the minimum of information to make a purchase.

9. Newsletters should be issued in HTML and text, because some email systems do not accept HTML.

10. All images must be compressed for quick download.

11. All emails must have automatic text wraps at 60 spaces so that the recipient does not receive an incoherent mess of code in your email box.

12. Email communications of customers must be responded to within 24 hours.

13. Communications made after hours must be answered first thing in the morning.

14. The site should offer to accumulate bonus points for purchases that eventually lead to a “gift”

15. When an order is submitted, an email should be sent to customers saying the same thing.

The list is quite endless, but you should always see room designs and advertising from the customer’s perspective. The universal question for each project is, “How can we make this easier for customers?” By emphasizing this approach, we will ignore many of the problems that appear in the network and avoid wasting your advertising dollars.

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