Why do over 90% of internet marketers fail? | Richard Takemura

Why do over 90% of internet marketers fail?

What you should know before you buy another product or continue spending money on traffic.

#1. The Wrong Perception

People think it’s as easy as buying banner ads and sending emails. WRONG!

I see this when I read most follow up emails from many marketers.

Some of the products they are trying to sell are down right JUNK.

They probably haven’t even tried the product themselves. They obviously don’t care whether you succeed or fail. It’s all about the dollar. They are the ones that will crash and burn eventually because they sell junk.

Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to make money that way but you better have a boat load of money to keep marketing to newbies who don’t know any better and definitely won’t be repeat customers. The real money is in repeat customers.

You only have one chance to prove yourself to be trust worthy once you make the first SALE.

If you have any doubts of a product, just ask me and I’ll probably be able to tell first hand if it’s worth purchasing. I buy most products to see what they are offering and also to check if they are worthy of me promoting it. I always test before I put my stamp of approval.

If you read my last few emails you’ll notice I wasn’t trying to sell you instant income.

They were either free information or actual courses that will help you in the long run.

#2. Overwhelming Yourself with Too Much Information

Most will fall into this category when you’re first starting out. I know, I did it myself in the beginning but then I told myself I had to slow down as I was just getting more confused buying everything out there.

Don’t get drawn in by products that are magical push button methods to riches. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I have dozens of products that I haven’t even bothered to look at yet.

Yes I know it’s difficult to have restraint when they are telling you that you can fire your boss and make 6 figures in 30 days but just hold off. Simple fact, it’s takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

The best way to become successful is to have your own products or license them.

The best system that I have seen so far is MyEcon. I have no problem promoting these with full confidence. Even a newbie can become very successful with this simple system.

#3. Proper Guidance

It’s really difficult to master the art of Internet Marketing without proper guidance or a mentor. Be careful of shiny over exaggerated products that don’t have anyone that has proven themselves in the marketplace.

You should also surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

Do whatever it takes. Communicating first hand is key to speed up your learning process. Email them, join their groups, try to meet them at conferences. Hiding behind the computer will only hinder your progress.

Experienced marketers have the wisdom to point out pitfalls and help direct you to make better choices.

If you read my book you’ll remember this.

Why would anyone who has made it want to take their time to help a newbie succeed?

Most successful internet marketers want that Immortality. If you show potential they will more than likely take you on as a student. Why else? You will eventually have a testimonial for them to show your gratitude for the help and guidance. It’s not all about the money.

#4. A Proven System

Now in this section I will explain if you don’t have your own product that already sells then you should really think about licensing a product that has a good track record. Yes you will eventually want to create your own info product to sell at some point but that takes a lot of knowledge, time, capitol, and a decent following.

My friend John was asked what he would do if he had to start all over again. He said he definitely wouldn’t start a blog and depend on it bringing in income. He would immediately eliminate the growing pains by licensing a product. It would save 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of dollars on top of the amount of time needed to create products.

I’ve been working my own product for quite some time now. Over 8 months to be exact. When I first started working on it I thought I could finish it in a month or so. Nope. Still working on it. I physically haven’t had enough time to complete it because I’m a perfectionist.

That is exactly why I chose to join MyEcon to license products.

So I send consistent quality traffic to make a steady income and at the same I get to help others become successful online entrepreneurs as well.

#5. The Proper Mindset

Many people are under the impression that only ‘certain types of people’ can become successful and well-known entrepreneurs. While this may be true to an extent, it is not only personality traits
that will determine whether a person will be a successful entrepreneur or not. In fact, one of the most important facets that will need to be developed by anyone who would like to become a successful entrepreneur is that of the correct mindset.

Be Willing to Learn Something New Every Single Day

Learn to work hard as well as smart

Surround yourself with like-minded positive individuals

Always envision the end results

Learn the art of developing a positive attitude

Consider hiring a personal coach or mentor

Those are just some of the topics I cover in an article I wrote a while back.

You can read the entire article HERE.

Final Thoughts

So you made it this far but can’t seem to get to that next level. All you need to do is slow down for a sec and think to yourself, am I overwhelmed? Do I have the proper guidance? Do I have the proper system or know how? And lastly, am I in the right mindset?

Think about all of those and take a look at the products I recommend. Both of them are proven systems that work. I will give you the guidance and coaching on top of what both already offer.

Yes I have selfish reasons as well. I want that immortality and testimonials which is good for you.

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I hope this gives you great value. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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