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Why Blogging is Still Important

Reasons Why Blogging Is Still Important

With the dawn of micro-blogging and social media, many business individuals and marketers start to neglect their own blogs. Is this really wise? Definitely not, for various reasons:

You Own your Blogs

Social media and third-party blog sites are subjected to change especially in terms of content. Imagine the fate of some sites like MySpace, Geocities and Friendster. At one moment, individuals are actively looking for Facebook replacements.

A Blog is Known to Re-enforce Branding

One of the main goals of most marketers is to get more traffic to their main site. A frequently updated and fresh blog means that a site is up to date and this somehow adds authority to the said site. A blog is an ideal place to re-enforce the message of your brand.

Better Analytics

Though third-party blog sites and social media sites provide analytic tools, nothing really compares to data that you can collect from your exclusive hosted website. A blog is proven to be a great place to study and publish content at granular or very detailed level. Aside from analytic tools, there are other top quality analytic services that can help you gather more targeted data. Nevertheless, everything begins in your own web property and this includes your blog.

Google Certainly Love Blogs

Blogs are perfect for Search Engine Optimization or SEO for many reasons. First is that blog contents provide ongoing opportunities for better keyword ranking specifically for long-tail keywords. Blog post is the perfect place to insert key phrases or keywords where they fit and appear naturally.

Moreover, Google offers site with high ranking priority for fresh content over sites that are not updated regularly. If you are now convinced that blogging remains important and relevant, read on to learn more tips for effective blogging.

Ideal Blogging Practices

Blogs are more than just positioning keywords and key phrases for SEO purposes. Engaging with audience and showcasing expertise. There are certain things that you can take to ensure that your content is appealing and interesting.

Think About your Audience

Getting inside the mind of your audience is one of the most crucial things you can do. Some companies even take the initiative of creating personas in order to help them relate to their clients or visualize. The clearer one understands his audience, the better way they understand why and how to write for them.

Reveal Some Personality

Many individuals write in dry style that is ultimately different from how they speak to a colleague or a friend. The personality of the writer is actually what makes a blog more interesting. As much as possible write the way you speak. Your personality can help make your blogs outstanding.

Be Consistent

Writing one blog post every week is good. This helps to post on similar time or day. Explore in order to determine the best time and day that many readers are likely to search and read your blog post then make this your time to post each week.
Despite the emergence of social media, blogging remains to be an imperative tool for content marketing. If you create or write interesting blog posts with lots of notable personalities, you will surely increase traffic and engagement at the same time.

Monitoring social media marketing landscapes is crucial to success. If you are interested to have reliable access to more powerful and effective marketing tips and ways to generate conversion-ready online marketing prospects every month, keep coming back to my blog to learn more.

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