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Using Buyer Keywords To Help You Generate Income

One of the biggest questions people tend to have when diving into their first taste of using search engine optimization to help them make money online is the following: What keywords should I focus on? Of course, the specifics of the answer to this question will vary from situation to situation. As you will want to always choose the keywords that have the highest search count and the lowest competition.  And this will vary depending on what products you are targeting (after all, the keywords that will be right for someone with a site that sells baby clothes will be vastly different from the keywords that will be right for an auto mechanic!). But one thing that holds true across the board – no matter what sort of product you are choosing to promote – is that you will want to target “buyer keywords” in order to have the best chance of making money online using search engine optimization. And so, here is a look at exactly what this means in order to help you along your way.

Basically, what you need to understand about keywords is that there are certain ones people are likely to type in when they are looking for more information on a product. And there are ones they are likely to type in when they are looking to purchase a product. Far too often, people who are just getting started in affiliate marketing target keywords that will get them lots of traffic for people in search of information, but that will bring them very few buyers.

Instead of targeting something like “weight loss product reviews,” for instance, think about targeting “buy weight loss products online.” Or, instead of targeting reviews as a whole, target a comparison of two specific products someone might be looking for a comparison on (after all, someone who has narrowed down their options to two final choices is nearly ready to make a purchase). You can also think about targeting keywords such as “best price,” followed by your product, or “best deals.” Basically, you should be going for things that people will type in when they are about to make a purchase!

When you do this, you will have a lot more converted traffic on your site. And of course, more converted traffic means more money!

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