Top 9 Benefits of Having a Personal Coach or Mentor | Richard Takemura

Let’s be honest. Life is tough.

Entrepreneurship without a mentor is a challenge for the best of us. And making money online requires a lot of effort and hard work.

But none of them are impossible.

In fact, for some of us, the challenge itself is what makes them all so interesting.

But if we’re going to be honest, it would be easier to help in pursuit of these things.

Instead of trying to do it alone, we have the option of getting a personal coach or mentor to help us.

Personal coaches come sin all forms. They all have their unique gifting and areas of expertise. And we can certainly benefit from finding the right one.

There are many benefits to getting a personal coach to help us on our route to success.

Let’s explore 9 of those benefits of having a mentor together.

1. Encouragement

It’s not always easy to admit, but if we’re honest, we’ll acknowledge that we sometimes need someone to encourage us. Especially in the entrepreneurship world, we hit many roadblocks in route of our dreams. Personal couches have a way of keeping us at an even keel. When we get too high for our own good, they help ground us back in reality. And when we get low or feel setback, they help to encourage us to get up and keep moving forward.

2. Insight

It’s easy to see what’s wrong with the people around us. What’s hard is seeing what’s wrong with us. The person we need to know the most about is often the most difficult person to figure out – our own selves. Coaches give us insight into the weaknesses we don’t realize exist in our own personalities. They shed light on things we’re blind to that we need to recognize in order to grow.

3. Action Steps

Theory is fine. But we can get theory in a book. What we need to know is what to do. We can get a list off the internet for this, but the list is not custom to our specific contexts. Coaches have a way of looking at us in our situations. They can help us to align our goals with reality and determine some obtainable steps of action that we need to take to get from where we are to where we want to go.

4. Feedback

A good way to improve is to find out what we did right and what we did wrong. The problem is that we tend to think we did everything right. And if something went wrong, it’s because of our coworker, the internet connection, or the economy. Coaches help us to see where we ourselves messed up so we can learn from our mistakes. They give us feedback that clarifies what we did well and what we did wrong.

5. Organization

Many times, our internal worlds are a mixture of goals, feelings, thoughts, appointments, etc. Bringing order to the chaos is often confusing. Coaches are able to look at our lives objectively and help us to organize things by priorities. They help to bring order to our internal worlds.

6. Connections

When we connect with a coach, we connect with that person’s connections as well. (S)he may have worked with someone or may currently be coaching someone else who could benefit from our product or service. Someone who would also add a benefit to us. This is possible because coaches tend to work with a lot of people who are all in the same field as them. These connections could easily end up being the keys that unlock the doors that launch you into success.

7. Understanding

It’s lonely at the top. Not many people understand what it’s like to grow a business, to build a website, to launch a product. It’s easy to feel isolated and misunderstood in this road of life. But coaches are people who have walked this road before us. They understand where we are at, what we feel, and what we’re dealing with. Having someone understand us can be the motivating factor we need to push through discouraging times and continue moving forward on our journeys.

8. Perspective

Have you ever felt like everything was over? Like you made such a mistake that you would never move forward from it? That’s normal. The problem here is not the situation, it is perspective. When we mess up, we can feel like we will never get past it. Coaches give us perspective on this. They help us see our mistakes as learning experiences rather than setbacks. Having this additional perspective is important. It helps us to see things for what they truly are without overeating. This, in turn, helps us get back on track and continue moving forward.

9. Ideas

One of the most important things in business is ideas. Everything starts with an idea. Nothing we see, use, or touch ever originated without first being an idea. Coaches have experience in the areas of our lives in which we are trying to grow. When talking with them, it is common for a new idea to come to mind. Something sparks in our thoughts from a conversation with a coach. That one single idea just might be the one thing we needed to catapult our lives and our business into an entirely new dimension.

All in all, getting a mentor is an important step for a lot of people.

And in some cases, it’s the one extra step that makes all the difference!

I invite you to contact me about how I can help on your journey.

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