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Online Business, Top 10 Productivity Tools and Apps to Grow Quickly

There is no successful online business owner right now who doesn’t use productivity tools to ensure their company’s healthy operation. Why should yours be any different?

The trend of productivity apps rose just some years ago when people realized that technology is not useful only when you want to waste time online. It can be used as a powerful online business tool as well.

So today we are taking a look at the 10 best productivity software and apps you need to become a great online entrepreneur!

Online Business Productivity
Online Business Productivity

But What Are Productivity Tools?

Generally speaking productivity apps and tools are highly associated with online business use. After all, we are talking about a category of apps that mainly helps users produce many different things (databases, presentations, to-do lists, documents, graphs etc.) faster and better.

Almost all top productivity apps are available for mobile devices for free but if you want to unlock some special features, you need to buy the full version –usually at a really good price.

The list below features both free and paid solutions that will help you get as many tasks as you can in the shortest amount of time. But let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Evernote

As much unbiased as I am trying to be, Evernote might be one of the best productivity tools you can find right now in the market. As a matter of fact, you will instantly see the benefits of using it right from the start.

Evernote is not just another app. It is a whole new, digital workplace where you can store notes, documents, images, files, information, lists, reminders and much more.

However, many feel lost as soon as they start using it but as much complex as it might feel, in the beginning, the powerful search features it comes with makes it great. Seriously, guys. You have to download Evernote!

2. Buffer

If you live and breathe social media or if posting on networks is in your everyday life, Buffer is certainly for you. Because Buffer allows you to schedule your whole activity on any social network you can imagine.

If you have several clients that you work with and you need to take care of different accounts at the same time, do not worry. Buffer has got you covered. Depending on the pricing plan you are going to choose, you can actually manage as many as 150 total social media accounts all in the same place.

Leave brand awareness to Buffer and spend your work time doing things that a computer can’t!

3. Google Drive

What would our world be with the cloud? I mean it’s 2018 and storing files and data to your computer is definitely a solution but, whether you like it or not, storing data on the cloud will prove really handy.

Google Drive is one of the best tools out there. You can store files, photos, documents or even create docs, presentations, and sheets which you can also share with your co-workers and edit them real-time.

Also, you can always backup your old files just for security reasons. The best part? Google Drive offers 15GB for free and the pricing is really reasonable if you consider that you can access your files from your computer and mobile devices whenever you feel like it.

4. Dropbox

The main reason I am including Dropbox on this list is that many companies choose to work with it rather than Google Drive. But the truth is that they are not really different from one another.

Dropbox also comes in a free and several paid versions. Check their pricing and see what best works for you.

5. Slack

Facebook chat is not made for work-related chatting. If you want to upgrade the way you and your team(s) communicate, you need to install Slack, a great service which will keep all your conversation in one place.

Exchange files and share information without all this e-mail overflow and the distraction that other chat services come with. Communication is really important if you want your team to work great.

If you have more than three and less than fifty employees or team members, you need Slack. Period.

6. Trello

When we are talking about productivity, we are definitely talking about Trello. Actually, Trello equals productivity!

Due to its original design with all the different boards, cards, tools, and its whole innovative system, your organization skills will improve and the time you’ll need to complete a bunch of tasks will significantly decrease.

7. Upwork

No matter how good they are at completing many different jobs, how efficient their team is, or how much work they do on their own, at some point, all successful entrepreneurs need to hire someone part-time.

Thank God, Upwork is here for us.

Upwork is not a simple productivity app but a whole platform connecting employees with freelancers who are experts in any field. Try and use it by posting a job ad and you will save time, money, and energy

8. StayFocusd

As the Internet grows, distractions just keep multiplying. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, notifications, texts… The world is now full of technologies ready to catch our attention. Yes. Sometimes, concentration today feels like a real struggle.

So, if you want to focus on your work and not waste any more time just scrolling down on your many different feeds, StayFocusd is what you need. Just install the extension (available for Google Chrome) and work without interruptions.

Of course, there are many different alternatives for mobile devices as well.

9. RescueTime

We’ve covered the best productivity apps for people who do well with time management. But what about all of you who might be struggling to manage time and cannot find that elusive work-life balance?

The first thing before you start adjusting your program in a way that you can get more things done in a shorter amount of time is to acknowledge what gets you to stall.

This is where RescueTime comes in.

Running in the background, this amazing tool analyzes your daily habits and lets you know about the time you spend on each website and how long it took you to perform different tasks.

With RescueTime you have someone to look at how efficient you are at your job. It might feel a little bit judgmental at the start, but you will eventually get used to it.

10. Calendly

Oh. So many e-mails so little time! You need someone to take care of your meetings so you have fewer e-mails to send out and reply to.

Calendly just changes everything by organizing your schedule so greatly that you will be able to set up meeting in just a few clicks. It is so easy you are going to instantly fall in love.

Do You Have Any Other Online Business Productivity Tools in Mind?

So, it’s your time! Do you have any other productivity tools in mind? Let us know in the comments section below!

Did you enjoy this article? For more productivity tips for online business, learn how to make money online in 2021 legit.

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