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Timing your Blog Posts for Maximum Effectiveness

When it comes to blog posts, timing is everything. People are more apt to read your blog posts whenever they are posted at a certain time. Not only that, but they are also more likely to share your information on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. So how do you know when the best time to make new posts is? The answer to this question is “it depends.”

Announcements and Breaking News

There’s no time like the present to post announcements or breaking news to your website. In fact, by posting current events as they happen, you’re more likely to gain web traffic. That’s because if you wait, your readers may have already gotten this information elsewhere, and be uninterested in it by the time you make it available to them. By posting timely information, you could wind up being noticed by Google Trends, which would help to increase traffic to your blog even more.

Day of Week

When it comes to general blog posts, you do need to consider the day and time. As a rule, posts that are uploaded from Friday through Sunday tend to be noticed less than those posted on Monday through Thursday do. When holidays fall in the middle of the week, you may want to post your content a day or two earlier, since many people are busy making travel plans and therefore do not necessarily scour the web looking for new information.

Time of Day

Not only is the day of the week important, but the time of day you post is also crucial. When considering when to post, think about where your readers are so that you can post during times when most of them will not be asleep. A good rule of thumb is to post between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in your target time zone, and then share it immediately on your social networking sites so that you can attract as much traffic as possible to your new post. If you’re not able to share your post within four hours, you should adjust your posting schedule accordingly in order to maximize your following.

When to Break the Rules

There may be times when posting at an off-peak time might be better for you. For example, if you have a great deal of competition, your posts could get lost in the shuffle if you were to upload them at the same time everyone else does. In this instance, posting on a weekend or late at night could work to your advantage, because readers would be able to pick out your content more easily than they would have otherwise. You could also want to post at irregular times just to keep people guessing so they will be more likely to check your blog for updates, even during off-peak reading times.

Determining when the best time to post new content will likely take some trial and effort if you are to maximize its effectiveness. Posting fresh content at irregular times is more effective than failing to provide new content at all, so either way, you’re still a winner.

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