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The Power of Guest Blogs for SEO Google

Google is constantly changing. This is one of the big things you will need to realize in making decisions for how you are approaching search engine optimization. They are constantly changing their algorithms, in hopes of finding the best possible approach for connecting their users with the best possible websites for them. And one of the big Google changes recently – in their quest to reach their goal of connecting users with the best website for them – is that they have begun to devalue links a person has created on their own.

In doing this, Google has taken away one of the key SEO optimization tools people have been using for years – the ability to create links on their own, in order to boost their own SEO site ranking. In so doing, however, Google has also started putting even more weight than ever before on links that are not self-created, and this means you need to figure out all the things you can do to gain backlinks online.

While gaining backlinks online typically comes down to creating great content and hoping people link to it, there is still one way to create your own backlinks and make it appear to search engines as though these backlinks were created by others – and that is through guest posts!

This is one area of SEO that Google is unlikely to ever change, as content on a popular site is still content on a popular site – regardless of who wrote it. And a link from a popular site is still a “vote of confidence” from that site, even if the link, for instance, is from you, and points to your own site!

See, the key to backlinks is the fact that Google and other search engines see backlinks as a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. And if a popular site has allowed you to write a guest post – and to link to your site within the post – this site has still provided you with that valuable “vote of confidence,” as they have allowed you to post on their site!

There are some amazing guest post tools you can find online among SEO site tools, and with these tools you can quickly find relevant guest post opportunities. Start pursuing some of these avenues, and you will begin to discover that you are finding some open doors, and are creating valuable links online!

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