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The 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Sites

Did you know that 16% of all online transactions are generated through affiliate marketing? Most of those sales go through some of the best affiliate marketing sites worldwide.

Affiliate marketing generates millions and millions of dollars for companies on a monthly basis. That’s no small amount. Wouldn’t you like to carve out just a small slice of this lucrative pie for yourself? Now you can.

Affiliate marketing is open to everyone. You don’t need a university degree or a ton of experience to start your career in affiliate marketing. All you need is the right advice.

If you know where to go, then starting your affiliate journey will be a breeze. This article will reveal the 10 best affiliate marketing sites, so you can take the first steps today. Listen closely!

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing


ClickBank is one of the world’s biggest affiliate marketing sites, and they focus mainly on digital products such as ebooks. Some of the ebooks they sell are written by other members of the ClickBank community, and not all the material is the same high quality, so you need to research a product properly before featuring it on your site.

On the upside, ClickBank offers some of the best commissions on the market, so that’s definitely a big advantage.

They are also one of the oldest affiliate marketing sites on the internet. They have been offering their products for more than 17 years now.

ClickBank is probably one of the most transparent affiliate marketing sites around. It’s free to become an affiliate, and there are no hidden costs. It’s also one of the most simple platforms to use.


ShareASale is a great platform for beginners in affiliate marketing. The site is set up in such a way that it really appeals to first-timers.

There are over 4000 different merchants that you can affiliate yourself with. You will find all the well-known brands here, but also more than 1000 merchants which can only be found on ShareASale.

After you’ve found products that you are interested in, it’s incredibly easy to compare all the offers and see which ones will be more profitable for your own business.

Just like ClickBank, ShareASale is one of the best affiliate marketing sites, because they are well-established and timely. You always get paid on the 20th of every month, and the user experience is very transparent altogether.

You can also get paid for referring new customers to ShareASale.


Previously known as, Rakuten has grown to become one of the biggest and best affiliate marketing sites on the market today.

You will find many well-known brands on Rakuten, though the commissions are not quite as competitive as some other affiliate marketing sites.

But the advantage is that Rakuten is a more modern platform, which means that the user experience is also more smooth and efficient than some of the more old school affiliate platforms.

Rakuten also includes some new features to optimize your on-page advertisements. This includes dynamic rotation, which means that your website will always display new and updated ads, and you don’t have to switch them out manually all the time. It makes running your affiliate program more time-efficient.


Avangate is one of the smaller and more specialized affiliate marketing programs. They focus more on the IT and technology niche. This means that you won’t find a lot of merchants for hair conditioner or toothpaste on this platform.

However, if you are looking to promote products within the technology niche such as software programs, then Avangate is definitely for you.

You will find unique products here, that are hard to find elsewhere. Additionally, you will also receive a higher commission at Avangate.

Amazon Affiliates

You’re probably not surprised to see Amazon on the list of best affiliate marketing sites.

Amazon is truly the biggest when it comes to affiliate marketing. They have over 2 million affiliates in their program, and the marketplace is equally enormous.

Though Amazon may have started as an online bookstore, they now sell almost every product you could imagine. and can deliver to your front door.

It is probably this incredible diversity of products which has made Amazon one of the most popular sites for affiliate marketing of all times.


Avantlink is basically a platform which connects merchants and affiliate marketers and allows them to set up their own affiliate marketing programs.

In this case, Avantlink doesn’t offer any affiliate programs of their own, they simply act as an intermediary. This can sometimes help the affiliate marketer negotiate a better commission for himself. Just keep in mind that Avantlink also takes a cut of the profit for acting as the middleman.

On the upside, there is a large number of categories and merchants available here, and more are joining every single day. Avantlink is a good place for the more advanced affiliate marketers out there.


eBay is another affiliate superpower just like Amazon. With literally millions of products on offer, this is one of those sites where more or less everything is being sold.

eBay is more suited towards advanced affiliate marketers, due to the fact that they have a payout restriction on websites with lower traffic. This means that your website or blog needs to have a certain amount of traffic in order to bypass this restriction.

eBay pays a very good commission, and all payments are processed very quickly through the use of PayPal.

With so many products on offer, there is something for every niche here, and that is why eBay deserves to be on the list of best affiliate marketing sites.


FlexOffers is a relative newcomer on the affiliate marketing scene, but they have already established a reputation as an honest and respectable affiliate marketing site.

FlexOffers specialize in digital products and offer lots of big brand merchants that you can choose from. There are products here to cover every niche, so you can surely find something that appeals to you.

In addition, FlexOffers provides lots of tools to help you find affiliate programs that would be suitable for your blog or website.

You can also get paid for referring new customers to FlexOffers.

What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Sites of Tomorrow?

The above-listed sites may be the best affiliate marketing sites today, but how will things look in a year from now?

As we’ve seen in the past, the trends in affiliate marketing are always evolving, and that is why it’s important for you to stay on top of the latest news in the affiliate marketing industry.

Stay turned on my marketing blog for the latest developments.

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