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Search Engine Optimization Tools: Movers and Shakers on Twitter

One thing that is extremely important is finding movers and shakers on Twitter who can help a website grow. But once you have compiled a list of  targets, the question becomes: “How do I get links from people on Twitter?”

The mistake many people make in this area – in fact, one of the big Twitter mistakes to avoid in business – is approaching these people with a direct “link request.”

Realize: if someone is influential on Twitter, and has a website that receives a lot of traffic and is ranked highly, it is fair to assume that this person receives lots of link requests from sites that could use a bit of a boost. And frankly, these people will have no reason to provide links to those submitting these requests, as they will get nothing out of this proposal themselves.

In other words, you cannot simply request a link from a popular person on  and expect to get a high-quality link online! What you need to do, instead, is begin to build relationships  – starting with innocuous conversation that has nothing to do with your website, and has nothing to do with the idea of links!

When you approach powerful Twitter personalities in this way – simply conversing with them off the tweets they have published, or off recent content they have created – you will soon open an avenue for back-and-forth conversation between yourself and this “mover and shaker.” And while others are requesting links on Twitter (and are being ignored as a result), you will be standing out in their minds as someone who is willing to converse and “build relationships” without asking for anything in return.

As you continue in this manner, building relationships online, you will find that many with whom you are building relationships have started coming to your website of their own volition! Soon, these people will be linking to your site, and will be telling their own followers to visit your site as well.

And for those who are not yet linking to you on their own (after you have built a solid relationship with them), send them a link to some recent content you have created – perhaps asking for their opinion on it, or perhaps mentioning to them that it was something they wrote that inspired you to create this particular content. This will get them to your site, and will continue to inspire conversation – and it will not be long before you find you are starting to get powerful links on Twitter – and on the websites of these movers and shakers as well!

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