Pokemon Go Case Study at Dot Com Lifestyle Lunch | Richard Takemura

I tried Pokemon Go today at Dot Com Lifestyle Lunch

So today at Dot Com Lifestyle lunch John had me install Pokemon Go. Trust me, I never would have done on my own. He said let’s test it out and create a case study.

Luckily his daughter was there to help me set it up. So after it was installed we set up a lure to see how many people we could attract to our area. Within less than 10 minutes there were people wandering around and it was obvious they were there for Pokemon Go. It was pretty funny actually.

We discussed how it can be monetized by businesses. If a business sets up a lure and offers free stuff for people that achieved certain levels they would probably end up with a bunch of potential customers. Now, for businesses that sell food it should be easy to get a sale. Not sure how that would work for other consumer goods. You could set up a buy one get one free deal or something of that sort.

Video of Pokemon Go case study.

Video Courtesy of John Chow.

I didn’t realize how powerful Pokemon Go was until we did the case study. I had refused to get into like I did with Angry birds. I just wasted too much time on that game. But I can see how Pokemon Go can get addictive.

Anyways that’s just food for thought if you own a store front and want to get some foot traffic. Seriously, try a Pokemon Go promotion. Highly likely to get traffic, you just need to be able to convert them into customers. Oh, and the cost is very minimal. I would probably test out $10 to see what happens and go from there.

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