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How To Optimize Your Squeeze Page

Most Efficient Methods to Optimize Squeeze Page

Squeeze page is also referred to as opt-in page, lead capture page, and capture page. It may have multiple names but they actually mean one thing – to obtain more visitors while providing their email address and name. Through the help of email confirmation as well as subscription, you can conveniently market to your audience by offering free gifts. So how do I optimize squeeze page?

Specifically, squeeze page is designed in order to efficiently create more opt-ins via your site. It will be helpful if you learn from online marketing experts so that you can also win more customers by just optimizing your own squeeze page.

Hence, here are some tips to help you start your capture page optimization:

  • Compelling headlines – did you know that you only have 3 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention? Make the most out of your headline or else, you’ll end up trashed. Tell your visitors why they should read your content and the benefits they can take advantage of from your service.
  • Bullet your benefits’ list – it is easier to identify your points if you have them bulleted. Be sure to clarify the benefits they can get in order to keep them from visiting your site.
  • Strong CTA – call-to-actions are actually important in any marketing content. This significantly helps in drawing them closer to your products and services offered and how they can reach you for more details.
  • Opt-in form – providing this form is actually important but make sure to make it great in order to get results. Your text for your submit button should have strong impact so that visitors will not think twice when clicking the button.
  • Email notice – incentives are essential when attracting interest from users. Download links are the main ingredient to your marketing success so make sure that you always include them on your content.
  • Privacy statement – ensuring subscribers that personal details will not be enclosed will help you earn their trust.
  • Trust seal – this will significantly help you in increasing conversion rates while earning trust from your visitors. Your website should have trust seal in order to reflect reputable brand in the market.

    Example: Optimize Squeeze Page

Fundamentally, squeeze page serves similarly to sales page although it may provide “Buy Now” button. Also, you can provide online form in order to collect names and email addresses of your potential customers in exchange of the product you are promoting through your web page. When they provide details, it can also simply mean that they are agree to be contacted once you have new products to sell.

Be sure to clarify all the details you have provided on your squeeze page. The thing is, you need to effectively build contact list in order to send out your email messages from time to time when it’s necessary. In fact, when it comes to online marketing, squeeze page really works in terms of getting more customers to visit your page and opt in.

Hook your audience by giving them an optimized squeeze page and compelling headline now! For more tips, check out the site frequently.

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