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Make Search Engines Pay Attention To Your Site – The Right Way!

If you are building a website that you plan to use in order to help you make money, one thing that is going to be immensely important is that you understand what you must do in order to get traffic to this site. Of course, if you have a mailing list of your own, or if you have a strong social media presence, this will go a long way toward helping you to populate your site with traffic, but what if you don’t have these things? Is there anything you can do in order to speed up the process of getting traffic to your site?

If this is something you have wondered, the good news is this: all you need to understand is the basic principles of search engine optimization, and you will be able to use the power of the Internet to bring traffic your way through search engines! As such, here is a look at three of the core principles of doing search engine optimization (SEO) on your own.


The first mistake many people make when trying to use SEO to their advantage is understanding that keywords are important, but having no idea how to really pick the right keywords for their site. Make sure you do not make the mistake so many others make of simply selecting a group of keywords off the top of your head! Instead, use a keyword tool to find relevant keywords with high average monthly search counts and low competition. This will make it easy for you to rank these keywords, and to get the traffic that comes with these rankings.

Title tags:

The title of each page on your site is essentially what search engines look at as their instructions of what to consider ranking your site for. If you are trying to help people learn how to make money online, for instance – and you have found that “learn to make money online” is a keyword with a high search count and low competition, don’t make the title tag of the page you are trying to rank something such as “Mega Bucks for You”! Instead, let search engines know what you want them to consider ranking you for by using the title tag “Learn to Make Money Online.”


And finally, content is hugely important. People are coming to your site for content, and search engines are getting better and better at determining which content is great and which content is poor. Provide your visitors with unique, relevant, useful, valuable content (always aiming to incorporate your keywords into this content as well!), and you will soon have no problem getting search engines to pay the sort of positive attention to your site you have been aiming for.

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