Is Yahoo! Paid Traffic Really Worth Your Time and Money? | Richard Takemura

Is Yahoo! Paid Traffic Really Worth Your Time and Money?

Nearly all people know that Google is the big dog in terms of the search engines. However, just as the social media marketing has not been confined to Twitter and Facebook, do you really need to focus your paid traffic campaigns on the Google Ads? Most probably, the conventional wisdom would say no, and the fairly recent fuse between Yahoo and Bing! Agrees. Since the two teamed up, they were able to include and name Amazon and Facebook among their syndicated websites together with several huge digital networks such as “The Wall Street Journal”. As a matter of fact, the connection between Yahoo! and Bing may not be as small as you would think. In the early 2013, they have accounted for about 30% of all the online searches in the US. So, is Yahoo! really worth your advertising time and money?

Yahoo! Ads (Banner vs. Text)

The real question has become whether you would want to run text ads or banner ads with Yahoo! The banner ads were particularly seen several resurgence in the past years after a rough spot there in which text ads have been preferred. This was primarily because the banner ads of Yahoo! have become an annoyance, and the users are starting to figure out several ways on blocking them with AdBlock and some other ad-on. After Yahoo! teamed up with Bings, the banners became much more effective, as they are less obtrusive.

However, the real decision will be made by the product. In must be noted that Yahoo! has a platform and stand-along named, Steam Ads, giving you about 150 characters for the description line, and about 50 characters for the title. You will need to be certain that you will synchronize your text or banner with the copy on your landing page so as to show that it is relevant and you will be having more success with Yahoo!, no matter if it is a text or a banner ad.

Placing paid ads with Yahoo!

First of all, it must be noted that you will absolutely be able to place a paid ad with Yahoo! It will only come under Bing ads dashboard. The two are now one in the same in terms of submission to the search engines, and having to run analytics from the Bing Webmaster, and many more. The same goes with the paid ads. Yahoo! started to offer their PPC campaigns right after purchasing Overture Services. It is the original company, which co-crated the concept of Pay Per Click (PPC), so you know the bat that PPC ads are true. In addition to the partnership between Yahoo! and Bings, they brought an entirely new search capability and audience to the table, and it is easy to see why marketers began taking a closer look in paid ads on Yahoo!

The bottom line is that Yahoo! Ads is a good place to test your ads out for much lesser money, whether it is a text ad or a banner ad, reaching about 30% of the search volume just in the United States alone.

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