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How to Use Native Advertising to Generate More Leads

Generating More Leads through Native Advertising

In this era where the ads have already become very synonymous with disruptive and obtrusive in mind of the online surfers, the businesses and agencies are now constantly search for new creative was in order to work this problem out. The native advertising still prevails whereas the display advertising now fails to be anything, just a very wasteful attempt in enticing some people who are still left in banner blindness.

What is Native Advertising?

Basically, native advertising is a marketing form where the advertisements are seamlessly blending within the content or nature of the website, to the point that most of the people can’t already tell they’re actually reading an advertisement. This kind of advertisement doesn’t interrupt the browsing experience of the users. Some of the goods example of Native Advertisements are the sponsored tweets, Facebook posts or in some cases, blog posts.
The main difference between a display advertising and native advertising is that the native ads are following the editorial format of publishing channel and studies showed that these kinds of ads are similarly viewed the same amount of time the editorial piece from similar platform is viewed.

What does Studies Say about Native Advertising?

A research lead by IPG Media labs and Sharedthrough looked at the effectiveness of native ads as compared to the display advertising. The results showed the following:

– The native ads viewed 53 percent more than the display ads

– 25% of consumers look at in-feed native ads than the display ads.

– 32% of the views would like to have the native ads to their family and friends and only 19% expressed their interest in display ads.

– Native ads have an increased buying intent by 18% and 9% in brand affinity.

If you clearly understand the results, we can say that native advertising has a very bright future in the online marketing world.

Why Does Native Advertising Works?

The consumers now want more value and promising experiences especially when it comes to internet where they can easily find the value on the demand without actually intruded by the ad. Through native advertising the product brand can easily become a part of consumer’s life by giving them the value they want. It can increase the awareness and trust on the brand which can greatly result to conversion.
Here are the 5 steps on how to use native advertising to have a profitable world via blog posts promotions:

  • Conduct a Market Research – It’s very crucial for you to understand who your demographic target is, where they usually hand out, which website they spend most of their time, what they read, and other related ideas. Keep in mind that proper audience is the key to identify the proper publisher outlet.
  • Research your Outlets – Look at the state and carefully analyze the demographics. There are many available content distribution channels like Outbrain that can help you have a wide visibility to your business or website.
  • Create an Outstanding Content – Your content needs to be very engaging and highly valuable. Also your prices need to be very compelling. Use the editorial team of the publisher as this is the best service to take advantage for you to have an outstanding content.
  • Be Ready for Traffic – Regardless of your conversion goal, whether a sign up of sale, ensure that the entire pages in you funnel marketing are working. Make them highly optimized in order to attract the attentions of user to the proper places.
  • Optimize and Test whenever Possible – whenever your piece has failed to generate the view, go ask your publisher in order to test other different headlines. All you have to do is to ensure that they are really compelling in order to generate the traffic you want.
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