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Super Easy Ways on How to Post an Article in Reddit

I’ve been getting this question more and more so I decided to write this to help everyone out.

Posting an article on Reddit is not an easy task if you’ve never used it before. If you follow this guide, this job can be done in just a matter of seconds. This guide is easy to follow and most of all can be done even if you don’t have the knowledge or skills in article posting.

  • Register and Select a Sub-Reddit

Prior to posting an article on Reddit, you are required to sign up and create an account. Creating an account can be accomplished in just a matter of minutes and no email notification needed. Just click the “create an account” link located at the right upper corner of the page.

  • Choose Sub-Reddit

When done, consider the topic of the submission and then select the sub-reddit you want to post. You can get a category of sub-reddits. The perfect place for you will be a sub-reddit where the target audience, customers and prospects reside. When you are selling health products, the best choice is the /r/Health subreddit.

Size doesn’t matter- This also applies when selecting sub-reddits. What you want is high quality traffic, not only a group passerby’s who will never return to your website. For instance, a link from /r/Pic will lead to a remarkable spike in guests and no leads generated. For sure, that is not what you want. Another issue with the large sub-reddits is that there is a lot of competition. All the renowned B2C companies target them, so when you are only a small layer, you will need to put hard work in order to stand out from the rest.

  • Fill up the Submission Form

Once you have selected a sub-reddit, hit the “Submit a Link” key located on the right part of the sub-reddit and this will unlock the form for post submission.

  • Submit Your Article and Observe

You can submit your article through clicking the “Submit Button.” Wait a while until the submission gets live. You will see traffic to your website and with any luck, a number of comments regarding your post. Ensure you answer them entirely to connect with individuals. This will make viewers active as well as increase the ranking of your submission in Reddit’s Algorithm, the one that decides if the link stays on a higher place or not.

Examine and Repeat

You have to wait 24 hours or more. It depends on the outcome from the analytics. Post on Reddit again with a similar submission on a different sub-reddit. For instance, when your submission is linked to social media, the possibilities of becoming renowned on social media are relatively high.

Posting articles in Reddit isn’t a hard task. Follow this guide and you’ll see that posting an article in Reddit relatively easy.

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