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How To Create Your List Magnet

It really is frustrating when you see that some blogs/products/services get pouring emails to their email databases but yours have remained stagnant no matter what you did? After all the amazing content, you engaging and building relationships with your audience, the promotion and getting of traffic, but still, your email list stills is not budging. So what exactly is it that’s making those other blogs/services/products doing so much different than yours?

The answer to this question lies on you learning how to incentivize your target audience so they opt-in and join your list. Following that notion, the first thing that you need to do is think about what type of freebie you might offer to your people. Thinking of the freebie you can offer to your audience, the answer also lies on your target market. You have to know what they want, what problem they have that you can solve for them, or what kind of information they are desperate to get their hands on which you can offer them.

Of course, just knowing the things you can offer them is not enough. Just because you are giving them a freebie does not mean that its value has to be poor for it is actually quite the opposite. Instead, what you should offer is something of high-quality content, something that truly has value in it. That way, your prospect will have that line of thought of while you are offering something of value for free, your products would be a valuable asset.

How a Lead Magnet Can Make a Difference to Your Blog/Product/Service

One of the most common incentives that you can offer your readers would be to offer them a free download enticing them to sign up to your email list. Most bloggers use this lead magnet which are referred to as opt-in bribe. Either way, in this article you can learn exactly how a lead magnet can make a difference to your blog, product or service and deliver to you a great deal of leads.

You should know that most visitors are unlikely to return unless you offer them with something good with a enough reason to do so and sign up to your list. Otherwise, they will just be passing reader or audience to what you offer and then they will be lost forever. You might offer “free updates” to entice them, but that is no longer enough to make them stick around anymore. When you take a look at your competitors, you can see that those with the biggest email lists use lead magnets to create their list.

As mentioned before, effectively building your lead magnet starts by understanding your audience and offering them something of value for free. This has to relate to your audience and aimed at getting emotional reaction from them. It is also an important step in building your lead magnet to look at your competitors what they offer and then you offering something unique can help create a h4 lead magnet.

Important Things to Remember About Lead Magnet

One thing you need to remember is that the lead magnet is a tool for you to use in reaching your prospect subscribers. Your lead magnet has to be easy for your subscribers to get access on or else they will not bother getting it which of course defeats your purpose.

Different Types of Lead Magnets/Incentives You Can Offer

A free PDF or eBook is the most common lead magnet but there are many others kinds of lead magnet to which you can offer. Some of which include:

– Cheat sheet
– Multi-day ecourse
– Checklist
– Valuable software
– Audio interview or any other valuable audio product
– Valuable video
– Resource list
– Infographic
– Tools including spreadsheets and calculators
– Blog themes, screen savers and other useful products
– Teleseminar
– Survey
– Exclusive discounts
– Email course
– Free 10 to 15 minutes consultation

These are other lead magnets which you can make use of. Of course, using them to create a lead magnet list does not mean that you have to pick just one. These tools can be put together to serve as you “toolbox” of great resources that will optimize your site. In case you do not have a product to give away, you can easily create one or else, you can purchase the rights to a certain digital product. It does not have to expensive, but just something that you are sure to pay off something big in the long run.

Being unique is one of the most important keys of getting more opt-ins since you do not want to give away something that has already been seen by many. You can get a few of ideas of how your lead magnet can be unique from these:

Create Your Own Report

Creating your own report or hiring a ghostwriter is a good option of providing your audience with something that is unique and somehow, it can also brand you as an expert. When it does, it can result to an easier sell of your products and services. If you decide to hire a ghost writer, just be sure to find an expert in you niche to make sure your report is high quality.

Purchase Private Label Rights of a Report, Rework the Content, Work a New Cover to Make it Unique

Purchasing private label rights (PLR) means you getting the source file—the content—of the report which you can modify and put down your name as its author. To make it unique, you will have to edit it or have someone do it for you.

Purchase the Report’s Master Resale Rights

Of the three, this is the fastest option you have but you should know that quality products that can be given away are typically hard to find. On that note, your easiest option would be to look for product with branding rights. With this, you may be able to brand the report using your own affiliate IDs which can help you make money from the products recommended through the report.

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