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How to Create Content That Attracts More Links

Building a network of quality backlinks is an important part of any online marketing strategy.  It is true that Google and other search engines frown on black hat SEO tactics like linking schemes. And you can suffer delisting if you’re caught engaging in such shenanigans.

However, even Google can’t deny that backlinks are an important aspect of their search ranking algorithm.  So long as you’re promoting quality content, earning links organically, and demonstrating that your human audience approves of your work enough to share it by posting links to your website, you’re in the clear.

Of course, the real problem is creating killer content that practically begs to be shared.  If your content simply doesn’t seem to be performing as you expect, you need to take steps to make it more attractive or easier to share.  Here are a few strategies that could help you to create content that attracts more links.

Demonstrate Expertise

Whether you’re a recent graduate promoting a new business with a website, blog, and social media accounts or your business is backed by years of experience and you’re looking to expand your online presence and add to existing clientele. Chances are you have at least a modicum of expertise in your chosen field.  Online platforms provide you with a unique opportunity to display your authority.

The content you create should naturally be tailored to your audience. You can find ways to present your expertise within the body of your work as a way to invite readers to link to it.  This has to do with the concept of social currency.

When readers share information (via links) with their family members, friends, colleagues, and other online contacts, they are putting their own reputation on the line. In essence asking others to approve of their choices.  By sharing authoritative content, they themselves appear as authorities.  In other words, you want to make your readers look good, providing authoritative content in order to foster sharing and linking.

Have a Point of View

You don’t necessarily have to be inflammatory or start a Twitter war to generate quality backlinks, but you may have to be somewhat provocative.  A lukewarm attitude toward a subject will neither attract followers nor motivate sharing.

To be fair, voicing a strong opinion can always be divisive, and in the current culture of immediate and often disproportionate outrage, you may be understandably hesitant to rock the boat.  However, there is no need to be shocking, offensive, or confrontational.

By promoting a strong point of view on a given subject you can open a dialogue, both with like-minded and opposing readers.  Those who support your point of view will likely be swayed to link back to your website and potentially become loyal patrons.

Even better, dissenters may also share links to your page as a means of furthering conversation.  Some amount of backlash is to be expected when you take a stand on an issue, but carefully curated and defensible positions are likely to produce equally positive response and invite sharing and linking.

Select Relevant, Timely Topics

Nobody is interested in sharing old news.  You therefore need to focus on creating content that speaks to current events, industry advances, and topics that are relevant to your audience.  Whether you’re in a position to break news or you’re simply voicing an opinion on popular current topics as a way to further the conversation, getting the links you crave requires that you grab the interest of an audience looking for the next trending topic.

Consider the Format

If you want links to your content, one thing you should consider is the ease of sharing.  If long-winded articles don’t seem to do the trick, switching to a more bite-size format could make a difference.  Adding graphics, creating infographics, or going all out with videos could make your content more attractive and result in more likes, shares, and quality backlinks.

Connect with Social Influencers

If we’re being honest, creating engaging content that compels readers to share a link is only part of building an organic network of quality backlinks.  You also need to make sure that the right people find your content.  SEO is a given, but don’t forget about social influencers.

Convincing social influencers to link to your pages can not only bump up traffic, but also increase the number of links being posted.  The trick is to find social influencers that are somehow involved with your industry or at least have some interest, and then create relationships that will lead them to promote your brand and your content.

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