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If you’re a blogger then you probably know, understand, and appreciate just how important content is. Every blogger out there knows that it is the backbone of an effective and successful website so creating the right type of content for your blog is as important as getting good traffic of the Web. Yes, content creation is fun and nice but creating useful and effective information is necessary to bring back users to your blog or website. Over the years, questions like “what possible types of content that ranks well in Google?” has been often asked by most bloggers and to some, this specific question is still left unanswered.

The most effective way, so far, to bring many users to your blog is to be successfully ranked on the very first page of Google but as always, some things are much easier said than to be actually done. For every topic, there are approximately thousands of bloggers that post their content or blogs but only a small number or few of them are given the chance to get or reap the rewards of being seen by over thousands of searchers or surfers every day. So if your content is just like the ordinary blogs that have no good quality that are scattered on the Web, then it is expected that the chances of your blog to be seen is very minimal. It is hard to accept the truth but what else can you do?

There is no existing magic potion that can help you put your blog right on the very first page on Google but you can do something to give yourself a better shot to grab that coveted dream of yours to be at the top on the page search result spots and make your blog attract more than hundreds of thousands unique visitors each month. The first step that you should do is to test and be familiar with the different types of content formats such as tutorials, infographics, videos, how-to, etc. Then you try to statistically prove where each one has successfully ranked.

Always keep in mind that factors like value and depth have huge roles in the success of your blog because readers read blogs or content to get the solution that they need or looking for and providing them with that is your main reason why you make blog content. This blog can help you have a much better idea on how you can effectively shift your focus and employ or incorporate the right or perfect type of content format for your blog. This also covers some important topics like the types of content formats, the importance of research, competitor and keyword, writing content, publishing and outreach which I know can answer the questions that do confuse you right at this moment.

Different types of Content Formats

  • Tutorials – These are commonly known as” how-to” formats because users are provided with step by step info on how to complete a certain task. They are written with great detail and have a complete solution.
  • Infographics – This has been the most popular in the past few years because the format has a very good visual and compress information. Aside from that, it is cost-effective because it is very easy to share with other social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Video – With the popularity of Youtube, many bloggers integrate videos in their blogs because they are so easy to follow for users, you can put detailed visual slides which is great especially for those individuals that don’t speak the English language as their 1st
  • Case studies – They are the most used and a favorite of most bloggers because they are not just highly converting but can also pick up momentum in no time. This kind of content format sets out to give answers to questions and show every step to make the answers completely transparent. They all start with a research and followed by answers the common questions right within your niche. They are also very detailed and do provide real in-depth solutions for all your readers.
  • Podcasts – These are content with live voice tutorials that can be downloaded or bought by the users on iTunes and other sites.

The importance of doing research

You can’t create high quality content for your blog without doing a research about the topic that you cover because it is the only way to create a content that the readers will find very enticing. The first reason why you must do a research is for your blog to have great value which is a must in the competition in the blogging world. You can do research on Google about what are the hottest topics, what are the Google trends. Relevant blogs to your topic to know the topics that most readers would want to read to increase the link backs that can boost your rank within all SERPs.

Writing effective blog posts

Your blog content can entice the readers to continue reading it ‘til the very last word or it can push them all away. Here are some important pointers that you must take into considerations in writing your content:

  1. Write keywords – incorporate your main keywords within your content, in its body or in its sub-heading to entice readers and get good SEO traffic as well.
  2. Write an outline – this is important to have a focus on your content because it will be your guide so your readers don’t lose track and stay focused.
  3. Main body – make sure that all the fundamental questions that a reader may ask about your topic is answered in this part of your content.
  4. Conclusion – this is just about summing up all the details in your content’s main body.

After you have written your content, it is important to edit or proofread it yourself or with the help of a proofreader in order to make sure that your content has no grammatical, typo errors, and is very clear to understand.

Publishing process

This process is just a natural one but you can also consider the following things before publishing it:

  1. When do most people research your content the most?
  2. When is the best time to publish on Web or social media?
  3. What will be the frequency of publishing your content?


Simply publishing your content and then just plainly wait for Google to rank your blog site up the SERPs won’t give you good traffic in real time. Doing outreach to have all the authoritative bloggers see your information is a must. They may even share it which would help it go viral online. You can do the following methods to make it much easier for you to have good SEO traffic:

  • General forums
  • Competitor analysis
  • Make use of your network or circle of friends/ bloggers

If you follow this guide in creating your blog content, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else trying to get better rankings. Blogging is a world that requires quality, value and creativity in writing content.

If you’re struggling to to create content that ranks well in Google feel free to contact me.

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