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Generating Traffic – Top 5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site

Traffic generation is easily the most important, and the easiest to make mistakes with area of internet marketing. To make any sort of income, you need sales. To make any kind of sales, you need traffic and leads. AS such, traffic generation should be one of your highest priorities. However there are many mistakes some people make, such as buying cheap traffic off of one of the guaranteed traffic services. Don’t do that! It’s about he quality of traffic and not the quantity. But how do you go about generating more traffic to your site? Here are the top 5 ways (in no particular order, as some of these methods work better for different kind of products):

1. Using Opt-In Lists – Opt-in lists are an essential part of any marketing campaign. These people are on a list because of the previous interest shown in the topic. This topic is generally broader than your product. For example, you might have a great apple slicer that you’re trying to promote. The list you’re promoting to though is a list about apple recipes. As such, not all users are interested in your product. While this is a very good method with a large subscriber base for some quick profits, this is not necessarily the best way to go about getting more traffic to you site. The good thing about this is that the generated traffic generally converts well. The people follow on to the site because they are mildly interested at the least.

2. PPC – This is highly targeted, though it can be very costly. Pay-per-click advertising, if done right, will bring results quicker than just about every other promotion method out there. The problem with PPC advertising to generate traffic is two-fold. It’s expensive, and it’s competitive. You have to be very careful about what product you choose to promote with this, and at the very least, you will need to spend some time doing your keyword research and optimizing your campaigns. This is essential. As such, this can be a long and hard process.

3. Organic Search Engine Traffic – Organic search engine traffic is probably the hardest to come by, though it is nearly as targeted as PPC. The competition to get the top spot is just outrageous, and to build a site, have enough back links to it, and enough good content that is regularly updated to make the engines love it is not easy. As such, this is a hard way to generate the traffic to your site. But if you manage it, you could be raking in money in no time.

4. Getting Traffic Through Traffic Exchanges – Yes, they still do work. Though much more un-targeted than any other source of traffic, traffic exchanges are still a valuable traffic generating tool. Even though they generate a ton of traffic to your site, most of them will not result in sales…but some will. That’s the important and the good part with this. Traffic generation with traffic exchanges is quick, easy and free. So any sales are all profit. You have to be patient for this, but the results do come.

5. Writing Articles – Writing relevant articles about the issue at hand will help bring very targeted visitors to your site too! And lots of them if you’re diligent. There are some really good sites out there that will rank your articles high in the search engines, such as This is probably the best way to go because of the zero capital requirements and great returns that are possible on this.

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