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How To Create Your Follow Up Sequence

Best Way in Creating Effective Follow-Up Sequence

If you have products or services to promote to your target audience while efficiently presenting them to the market, it’s probably the best time to boost your auto responder through the help of effective email marketing strategies and create a proper follow-up sequence. It is really helpful to have auto email messages in order to get more subscribers opting in to your services while easily getting your customers online.

Truth is, most marketers are taking advantage of affiliate programs along with cost efficient advertisements which can be conveniently forwarded to your contact list. In most cases, they will generally provide you with quality templates for you to use. Once you make use of these email templates, you can re-write the content through your original words and ideas or just outsource the job from other professionals.

When promoting offers, you will basically need auto responder email series which conveniently offers better content that people can depend on. Here are some helpful tips when creating your follow-up email series:

First email (day 1) – this is usually sent after they have subscribed to your landing page. It expresses your gratitude since they visit your website. Once subscription is already verified, this message is quickly sent out to the subscriber. It actually helps in building customer relationship while establishing authority on the content regarding your products and the market.

Second email (day 3) – this is sent the next day after you have thanked your subscribers for their subscription. You need to keep it brief and warm in order to establish friendship between you and your subscriber. However, don’t forget to include the link where they can easily download information about your products.

Third email (day 4) – this is to follow up your initial product being offered. You can tell them the benefits of buying the product.

Fourth email (day 8) – you will present the FAQ for your products.

Fifth email (day 13) – present to them your new product that will help them resolve their problems. Include the link for them to check out your site.

Sixth email (day 17) – provide more details about your product.

Seventh email (day 21) – tips or article regarding your product content while providing a link to main offer.

Eight email (day 25) – tell them about your new affiliate product.

Ninth email (day 29) – this is a follow-up for the recent email you have sent out.

Tenth email (day 33) – tip, article, or link to remind them about your product.

Follow these steps and successfully create an ultimate follow-up sequence for your product promotion!
However, if you miss the part of using these templates, you will encounter issues in sending out what you exactly want to promote to your audience. Also, it is always important to keep your credibility when executing your email marketing strategies.

Prospects actually look for reputable brands in which they can get quality products that they exactly need. This is the best part of any marketing effort that business owners like you do.
The best tip when forwarding email messages to your list is to include your special offers and promotions in order to attract more attention and draw them closer to your brand. It is very effective to keep your prospects wanting more in terms of the product details that you are providing through your email messages. And eventually, you can successfully build solid customer relationships with your email contact list. Always prioritize your reputation in order to earn the trust of your customers.

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