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Follow This Email Marketing Etiquette to Get Yours Delivered and Read

Email Marketing can be considered as one of the effective means of bringing in new customers to a sale funnel. But because of the widespread use of malware and viruses, more users are careful in opening an email which comes from an unknown source, or something that is strangely written, or comes from non-native English speaker.

Because of this, you need to assure your prospective customers that the emails they received from you are reliable and safe. The following are simple etiquette in terms of email marketing that you can consider doing that.

  1. Avoid Sensationalizing the Headline

The default setting for Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and other prominent email providers is the show the headline as well as the sender. In some cases, the email’s first few words appear on the email queue of the user.

This is the main reason why the creation of a killer headline is important component of your email. If it makes strange claims, or is overly exaggerated or is otherwise sensational, there will be a great chance that the email could either deleted or sent directly to “Spam” folder by the user without reading it first.

Your headline job is to encourage and give the reader a reason to open your sent email. To do this, you have to engage into their interest, capture each imagination, but not go into exaggeration. Avoid using ALL CAPS, exclamation points and crazy colors for this will make your email look like a spam.

  1. If known, Use the Name of that Person.

Greeting is what the reader’s read first upon opening your email. If you know the name of the person, use an autoresponder to include their first name in your greeting such as “Dear Sandra” or “Dear Paul”.

Email is often less formal than the traditional letter-writing, so using first name is acceptable. Using the last name of a person might seem off-cutting, however formal titles such as “Professor” and “Doctor” is allowable.

  1. Be straight to the Point

Since people receive numerous emails a day, they probably aren’t going to give it enough attention. This is the reason why you have to be straight to the point, starting with the first sentence.

In writing an email, you need to give readers reason to keep on reading. Do not waste time building your point slowly or beating around the bush. Remember that you’ve got a minimal opportunity to catch maintain each reader’s attention and so you have to make the most out of it

  1. Signing Off

Unlike the traditional letter writing, writing an email doesn’t need to include formal sign off such as ‘Gratefully yours” or “Sincerely”. Ending it with your name it enough or somehow you can use informal phrases such as “Cheers”.

Your email is another important aspect of marketing. Making an excellent email that will make your readers be interested is the key for email marketing success. Following these email marketing etiquettes can increase the chance of achieving it.

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