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Five ways to be Successful at List Building


Your company’s sales can be directly tied to the number of email or newsletter subscribers you have. Getting  and keeping these subscribers is no easy task, but here are a few things you can do to make it easier and more effective.

1. Establish yourself as an authority.

Before people will be willing to subscribe to email updates, they’ll first want to know that you will provide them with useful information. Take a look at your website and think about whether the information you have posted genuinely provides helpful content or whether it mostly contains filler. If it’s not quite up to par, taking the time to revamp it could go a long way toward ensuring you get more online followers.

2. Provide people with an incentive

People are going to be much more willing to sign up for email alerts if they believe they’ll get special deals or be able to find out about certain promotions by doing so. Make the incentive something your readers will genuinely be interested in, and ensure there are no strings attached in order to make them feel comfortable providing you with information.

3. Use a lead capture page

A lead capture page can appear automatically whenever a user visits your site, and will allow him or her to put in contact information in order to receive a newsletter or subscribe to promotional emails. These pages also make it easy for people to opt out of providing information in the event they are not ready to do so. Your lead capture page could even be tied to an auto responder that would instantly send a welcome email or confirm a sale without you needed to take any additional action.

4. Build a relationship with your audience

Rather than simply sending information to your audience, it can be a good idea to connect with them on a personal level. One very effective way of doing this is through the use of social media. Invite your readers to follow you on Twitter or “like” your Facebook page. That way, you can respond back to them in a manner that will let them know you value them as a person and are not just interested in making sales.

5. Provide an incentive to continue the subscription

Keep your readers wanting more by giving snippets of information that is to come. You could also mention future promotions that would only be available to current subscribers. You could even offer them bonus discounts for referring other people who also subscribe to your email updates. At any rate, avoid spamming your clients with endless amounts of material; otherwise, they may get tired of excessive email traffic and decide to unsubscribe or block you.
Effective list building can go a long way toward developing your online brand, not to mention guaranteeing the future success of your business. The key to getting and keeping email subscribers is to provide fresh and helpful content that will benefit your readers. When you focus on putting your customers’ needs first, everything else will fall into place quite  naturally.

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