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Five Surefire Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Site

Traffic is perhaps the most important component of a web business. It’s the lifeline of any website; without traffic, a website is like a shopping mall without visitors. You can have the best product and best looking website but if you have no traffic, your business is not going to survive. Therefore, traffic generation is crucial to the success of any web business.

Many people think that traffic generation comes after the planning, design and development phase of a site; this is incorrect. Traffic generation should begin as early as in the planning stage. For example, targeting the right niche and selecting the right keywords or key phrases are all part of traffic generation.

As in doing business offline, you want to sell products that have good demand and market potential. Nobody wants to sell product that has no demand. In the online world, niche selection and keyword research are key to traffic generation success when your site goes live.

Traffic generation is a continuous process. Here are some surefire ways to generate targeted traffic to your site.

1. Invest in good search engine marketing (SEM)

When it comes to getting targeted traffic quickly, nothing can beat search engine marketing. The 3 most prominent SEM systems you should invest on are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. Many people shy away from this form of advertising as it can be costly if not done right. But if you go through a proper niche planning and keyword research process, every penny you invest is worth it.

2. Write and submit articles

Write 400-500 words articles about the niche or business you’re promoting. This is also known as article marketing and it’s a very effective way of generating targeted traffic to your site. Writing and submitting articles are free but you do need to sit down and spend time writing the articles though.

3. Join Social Networking sites

Join social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Make friends with people who have the same interest with you, develop relationships and build your network of friends. If done right, you can drive tons of good traffic from social networking sites.

4. Join and participate in forums

Forums allow you access to niche specific areas where you can comment and interact with others. Interacting on forums is a good way of getting your name out. Topic-specific forums can allow content site owners to provide helpful and judicious advice on forums posts. Most forums also allow you to have a signature attached at the end of a post linking back to your site; hence helping you to generate more traffic to your site.

5. Exchange or Trade Links with other sites

Exchanging or trading links with other sites can improve and enhance your search engine ranking. When one site features another sites, they could also provide one another with additional traffic.

These are just few proven ways you can use to generate traffic to your site. There are myriad ways to generate traffic, I have written a guide called Generating Daily Web Traffic Quickly. You’ll discover how to generate endless stream of daily traffic to your site. Check it out now!

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