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Facebook has banned Like-Gating: Now what?

What is Facebook Like-Gating?

Like-gating happens once an owner of a Facebook page restricts the users from accessing certain page content if they have not liked their page yet. This was a pretty common scenario on Facebook, and is commonly used by big companies. It seems like forcing the viewers to like pages in exchange for access to games and contests, free videos and reports, discounts and lucrative coupons. Marketers also used this method for giving away e-books and courses. Like-gating is somehow similar to building email-list, the only difference is that you can escalate the reach of the Facebook page.

Why does it become an effective method?

People are naturally inclined with free stuff, and liking a page isn’t a hard job. So, more and more individuals are willing to like a page to get coupons that will allow them to save couple of dollars. Because millions of people are already using Facebook, this feature then became a great help for marketers. They didn’t have to spend money on high-quality images and content or pay for Facebook Ads anymore. All they need to do was announce their offer (free coupons, information and so on), or contest and do some basic marketing and they could get a ball rolling. Free stuffs and discounts go viral on Facebook too fast, which leads on getting numerous potential buyers with little or even not spending money at all.

The New Stand of Facebook on Like-gating

Facebook officially announced that “like-gating” is banned effective last November 5, 2014. The platform policy has been changed stating that the longer practice of inviting users to like a certain page through taking advantage of the special offer such as contest or coupons is no longer allowed.

They believe that through incentivizing users to like pages, the page quality is being harshly compromised. They said that only those users who really like to connect with the company associated should like a page, not those who were forced and bribed to do so.

This new stand is a result of increasing number of companies who uses Facebook advertising through using like-gating to their given offers which often leads to low quality likes from the process. This somehow has a point, considering the fact that those who like your page is only after the freebies and are not really interested with your actual products.

What will be its effect?

The official banning of like-gating can have great effects in the marketing side with the fact that likes will now be limited. However, this could also deliver a positive effect on the marketing environment. Although you can’t get likes as easy and as many as before, you could still acquire likes through using numerous tried and tested method but now there will be targeted and high-quality likes.

This means you have to create high-quality, relevant and regular images and content to attract your target audience. This may require a little bit of your time and effort, but at the end will deliver an absolute result.

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