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Embrace Simplicity

As years passed by, as our lives are growing more complicated the way it should be, we are beginning to wish for simplicity. This search has forced the demand towards the more simple and basic marketing messages today.

Countless leading brands like Volkswagen and Apple were already comprehend on the power of simplicity in connection to marketing. Recently, there are more and more brands that are matching down their messages like the Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Whirlpool as well.

Now, wise marketers understood this kind of trend at the same time are alertly make simpler their message and branding. As human, we are aware that this occurrence really makes sense. At the same time, we perceive this complicated and confusing thus, our human brain easily overwhelmed by countless of choices.

If you would think about this, one good example would be a research conducted in 2000 at Columbia University that provided the consumers with either six or 24-high end of jams of selection with the upscale grocery store. By the time, it arrives in making the purchase 30% discontinued for the smaller choices; on the other hand, only 3% of the people who stopped for the huge selection already made a purchase.

As what the study showed, there are three factors that affect the buying selection of an individual – comparison, trust and navigation.

  1. Comparison – countless of leading brands provide comparison directly on their sites. An example of this would be is that they will enable you to search for their competitor’s rate right in their sites. By simplifying the comparison, the Progressive maintains the customer involved at the same time more engaged on their website.
  2. Trust – through social proof, it is the easiest way to create trust and this can be done through reviews and testimonials coming from the authorities.
  3. Navigation – a complicated, clunky and disorganized site will just make the customer frustrated, thus it is consider that you need to ensure that your site is handy.

Here are some tips that will able you to simplify your marketing:

Using of images to deliver messages
Making use of images is the best way to impart your messages to your audience. Thus, it is important to review your site to know if there would be any content that can be use to present visually.

Lessen the Text
You can edit and streamline your site by getting rid of the repeated phrases. As much as possible try delivering the message precisely. Creating of longer contents is better if you will have images, sub-headers and bullet points as well.

Lessen the Clutter
Eliminate all the nonsense content that is not needed in your content. Remember that those successful websites are those who have simpler content and design.

Simplify the logos and other graphics
Among the entire trends, this one is the most recognizable for the reason that it is much effective and next, it works well for mobile phones. You can make use of some of the successful sites to get inspiration.

Supervising the landscape of social media marketing is essential if you are pursuing your success. Thus, if you want to have it, it is right to learn more regarding effective marketing.

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