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Earn more using the internet so you can finally quit your day job

Have You Thought About How You Can Quit Your Day Job?

Earning through the internet is easier nowadays than it has ever been before so yourself and many others are looking for ways to quit your day job.  Gone are the days when only a few people had the ability to earn online. Back then, they had to know a lot of things about computers and how to make their own website just for them to have online presence. Times sure have changed since then and people are catching up to the hype.

Nowadays, it is fairly easier for anyone who wish to earn more at a convenient place and time. Some start off on a part-time basis but most of them eventually want to do it full-time but are hesitant because they are afraid to fully commit to it. There are a number of things to consider first before you actually quit your day job and that is a fact, so we decided to help you successfully transition to the career you want with the help of the internet.

Here are a few to help you out:

Recognize what you can give them that others can’t
You can start things first by finding out what you can give your potential clients that other people cannot. For example, a pet sitter and walker named Lam found out the following things he has that most pet sitters and walkers don’t have:

  • He lives near a lot of parks which is great for walking dogs
  • He knows how to handle animals and is also certified to do
  • Has a lot of time to walk and take good care of the dogs day or night

Now let us get back to you, take a thorough look on your skills and other advantages (area, knowledge, seminars etc.) that you may have and ask yourself this question: Will anyone pay me for the services using the skills I currently possess? Jot down all of the best ones you can think of, choose the most reassuring one from them all, and focus on it. Start from there and everything will follow through.

Discover the right platform to showcase your talent
Utilize the power of the internet. There are a lot of great platforms online that can help you market your skills and get clients so they can pay you for your services. Check the following websites so you can start:

  • Airbnb and HomeAway have the ability to enlist your room or house so travelers can rent them when they need to.
  • Elance, Guru and Upwork are the perfect platform if you are good with office related work such as but not limited to data entry and software development. Remember, as long as it can be done virtually, you can do it there. There are short-term projects and long-term ones that lasts years. You can choose to be paid hourly or by a fixed price.
  • Uber, Lyft and Sidecar can help you give people a drive to their destination. It’s pretty much like a taxi but you use your own car instead.
  • If you own a good car but do not use much, you can rent it to people using Getaround and Relayrides.
  • Own a boat but don’t use it often? You can rent them to people who need them by using Boatbound.
  • If you walk dogs and baby sit dogs as a part-time job, you can do it full time by going to DogVacay and Rover.
  • Do you make handcrafted items? Sell them on Etsy, iCraftGifts, UncommonGoods and ArtFire.
  • Be someone’s personal shopper, courier or assistant to other people by hanging out at Postmates,Instacart and TaskRabbit.
  • If you have items you want to sell but does not fall under any category, you can sell it on EBay or Craigslist.
  • If you like writing then start your own blog and write what you’re passionate about, you can recommend products or services and make Affiliate Commissions or even sell banner space if you have enough traffic.

Make sure you know your worth

It’s true that the more affordable your work is, people will likely hire you. But if you deliver top-notch work, they need to pay you nicely for all that hard work that you committed a lot of time and effort to. Start off with a reasonable price and eventually up the ante when work load is increasing and getting a bit challenging. Never stick around for the price you gave your client 3 years ago, as much as possible increase it a bit every year.

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