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How to Drive Traffic to Your Offer

It is always one of the biggest challenges that a brand-new online business owner is the lack of traffic to their site. Once everything is ‘live’ and ready to accept new subscribers, it is also the time they met the problem of how to effectively drive traffic into their site.

Launching a large traffic campaign, on the other hand, is not ideal if you have not tested your site yet and made sure that it effectively converts leads and prospects to buyers. Otherwise, if you do so you will be risking loss of sales, not to mention you will be looking unprofessional to potential partners and affiliates.

Following that, here are some techniques that can help drive traffic to your offer. These techniques will be about a simple drive-traffic strategy you can start doing today. This is about a certain strategy which you can turn into multiple formats, distribute all over the internet and effectively utilize to have visitors come to your website from various sources. So, here goes…

  1. Article Writing

This entire process starts off with writing articles for your article marketing. First off, you need to start by writing a few articles, just about 3 to 5 articles on different topic about your niche. The easiest type of articles you can start off would be the list-articles, like ‘Top 5 …’ where you can write some key points and start expanding the concept from them. Make these articles quality and get them ready for submission.

  1.  Press Releases

Aside from doing regular articles, press releases are also effective in driving traffic to your offer. It is a lot similar to regular articles, only it has more of a news feel to it. To do so, you can simply take the articles you wrote and have them redone in the angle as if they are a news item. When you are done writing your press release, submit it to a PR directory, either in free way or paid way. On the other hand, if you prefer to outsource it, you can always look for people who can do it for you.

  1. Guest Posts

Guest posting is one effective technique to drive traffic that is often overlooked. With it, you simply need to rework your articles to make them unique, find a site that accepts guest posts, submit your articles and then get significant traffic from the sites where you submitted your posts.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Always, social media is effective to get people learn about you and your business. Using the most popular and most powerful social media sites today, you can get people to see, hear and learn about you, share stuff such as your articles and essentially, get a good boost to your traffic without too much extra work in your part. Facebook is probably the best option for targeted traffic at this time. I also get quite a bit of traffic by being active in the Warrior Forum.

The fact is that, if your website does not get any traffic, then you will not be generating sales at all. With these marketing strategies, hopefully you can get a good traffic directed to your site and generate great sales.

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