Do It Big. Get Noticed. | Richard Takemura

Do It Big. Get Noticed.

Whatever you do in the business, make it big! There is another scenario in which the words are more true than the Internet. Competition is a World Wide Web, and you have to find your niche. But once you find that place, do it a little differently than everyone else. Do it big. People do not usually think in those terms. So if you are able to get in that mindset, then you will be ahead of the pack.

You can fight all you want to try to get your website on top search engines, but the moment you arrive, the rules to get there has changed. You can spend hours trading links with other sites, but you will find many who will soon leave his dominions. You can consider any number of online strategies to get your website noticed, but the conclusion is that someone on the other end always wants to be paid.

This is when the idea of ​​”making it big” comes into play. I mean. I recently discovered a website owned by a woman from the UK. Their product was original art. Specifically, cartoon-like pencil drawings. His intention was to work on t-shirts, stationery and greeting cards and sell through your website. The problem was he could not get your site noticed. He had no visitors.

How many times have you complained about the lack of visitors to your website? I have, and I do. No matter how many visitors a site. There never seems to be enough. We are insatiable. But you can fight online strategies, or you can do something big offline. This is what I suggested to the woman in the UK.

Start a campaign. Call it the “loan a shirt” campaign or something like that. The idea would be to wear a shirt featuring the artwork and send it around the world. How? She or someone else would use it for a day and then give it to someone else to do the same. This would continue for any length of time. But the goal would be to send the shirt around the world, and every person wearing the shirt for a day could log on to the site, if they wish and fill out a quick location so the shirt can be tracked.

It’s a low cost simple idea, but it is a creative way to expose a web site, the address is listed there on the shirt. And the people wearing the shirt for a day come to see and test the product first hand. It might even be a charity event, and a press release would be the only effective invitation of the media would be involved.

But what if someone decides not to approve the shirt? What if someone stole it? What if the shirt is lost? What if “this”, and if “it”?

Hey, what if it worked? What did it cost? Nothing. It just requires some creative thinking. A person can do what they wanted with the idea in order to eliminate any negative “what if”.

The point I’m trying to make is that we often do not think about doing something big offline to promote us online. And not have to be expensive. It need not even follow what we believe traditional advertising rules. Just think big, make it big, and attention. After all, is not that the goal? Or is the goal just to advertise?

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