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Diversify Your Social Media Marketing

How to Diversify your Social Media Marketing

As a serious marketer, you need to have a complete social media strategy – one that is more than just the occasional post on your Facebook page. There are various social media outlets; each is reaching a different audience in a way that is distinctive. Each business is unique, so there is not a thing as a one size that can fit all the social media strategy. For this reason, it is a smart thing to make your social media strategy with regards to objectives, not on certain social media channels. You need to use data in guiding your social media decisions. All of the social media outlets are providing several form of analytics, which you can use in figuring out what channels work best for you.

Checking out the competition

You have to examine the social media strategy of your competitors. Visit the social media accounts of your competitors and look about how they engage with the audience. For instance, is your competitor responding to comments with comments or likes? Try identifying what your competition is doing well on, as well as the areas that should be improved. This will be able to help you in gaining insight into what will work for your niche, discovering ways to use social media that you may have not thought of. It is never a great idea if you copy a competitor. Rather, you can use the information as an inspiration for your own social media strategy.

Gathering data through promotions

Promotions are another good way of gathering the social media information that you need. Here is a strategy to use promotions in gather data from your social media channels.

  1. Begin with an objective in mind. For instance, you should collect demographic information, email addresses, or survey results.
  2. Build a campaign and the host it on its own site with a creative and unique URL. Ensure to it that your campaign website is mobile friendly.
  3. You should feature an exciting giveaway. Use the prize as an incentive in encouraging participation.
  4. Link your campaigns to all your social media channels.
  5. Then, study the results. For example, you can track which social media channels are bringing the most traffic to your offer. Figure out which channel has been the least responsive. You may want to consider having to eliminate the poorly performing channels, so that you will be able to focus your energy on the social media that works best for you. Together with backlinks and content, social media is one of the most essential aspects of effective SEO. When used in the right way, social is able to drive high quality traffic to your site. Nevertheless, a social media strategy that works great in one niche may become completely wrong for another.

The best thing that you can do is to try few social media outlets. Collect, as much data as possible, and then closely study the data in order to find the social media channels that will work best for you audience and niche. Monitoring your social media marketing landscape is important to your success.

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