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Strong Business Branding

Many entrepreneurs understand the link between strong business branding and a successful business and aspire to build an effective brand for themselves so they can emulate this success. They realize that branding is not simply slapping up a logo. Branding defines who you are and what your business represents, who your team is and your external audience. Basically, it is the ‘identity’ of your business and embodies what your business is and its values.

Sure, all entrepreneurs know that having a strong and effective brand is important, particularly now in the economy we live in today. But, with so many social networks and new ways to communicate out there these days, it can be challenging to come up with a strategy where you can brand yourself the most effectively. Below are some tips.

Position and Differentiate your Brand

Before you embark on building your brand, you need to take the time to differentiate it from others so you stand out from your competition and attract attention. To make your brand stand out, you need to create an incomparable advantage in the mind of consumers and not simply using superficial elements, logos and colors to grab attention. Create a unique value proposition and begin positioning your brand with a good branding strategy that helps consumers notice and crave the value your brand provides over your competitors.

Competitive Analysis

Do some competitive analysis to determine who your direct competition is. Once you have established this information, you can use it to learn from them, see what they are up to, what they are doing so you can begin differentiating yourself from them.

Vision, Mission and Values

These three are the core of your business. It’s important you know what they represent.

  • Vision – Your vision is the big picture. It’s where you want and intend to see your brand go. It’s the future of your brand that you envision.
  • Mission – Your mission is what you are looking to accomplish. According to the Harvard Business Review, a good way to create your mission statement is to follow the format: “Verb, target, outcome.”
  • Values – Your values are the principles that guide the actions of your brand and what you stand for in your brand.

Cultivate Site Content Uniqueness

When your site is always updated with unique content, it shows people that you really value them and want to genuinely help them. Always update your pages so you stay fresh in the minds of your audience. Ensure your content is unique but has a ‘similar feel’ to it, meaning it uses the same tone and manner.

Always Deliver on your Promise

With your brand you are actually making a ‘promise’ to your prospective customers. Because of this, it’s imperative that you are always delivering on this promise. This is really the whole point of your brand, correct? You want your audience to get to know you in a specific way. And to do this, you obviously need to keep true to your word and provide the value that is expected of you and your brand.

Engage Industry Influencers

This is ultimately the best marketing tool. If you can get industry influencers to come on over and comment on your content and talk or boast about it, you are golden. Twitter is the perfect tool to gain influencers. You can find influencers in your industry using the advanced twitter search function. Then begin engaging with their content, replying, reposting, etc. Facebook is another great way to achieve this as well.

Strive to Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

The last thing you want to do is dress up your offer, raise everyone’s expectations and then break promises. Instead, you want to create trust and be clear about who you are and your company through honest branding and engagement. Be around and get social. Answer questions, make comments, talk with people. Just be a person and not a robot who posts ads and forgets about them. The more value you can put out there and rise to the challenge, the better.

Now, take all of these things and combine them with consistency and you have yourself a winning branding strategy. Today, branding consistency across all geographies and platforms has never been more important in our highly competitive market. Being consistent is the main factor in achieving channel and customer engagement, sustained differentiation and ultimately sales.

For more information on effective branding and being a successful online entrepreneur, contact me.

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