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Content, Links and Social Media: The 3 Foundations of SEO

Gone are the days of the easy and simple SEO strategies of searching some keywords, combining together with few articles along with those keywords. With the developing demand in the competition, in addition to the pervasive hazard of changing platform of Google, it is essential to have a concrete and reliable SEO tactics.

As what the majority of experts said, the best method to SEO as what they called the three-pronged strategy that make use of the content, links and social media accordingly as its foundation. Following narrates how this three can be an approach to create more traffic.


Doing inventory in the content is one of the first things that you need to consider. Next would be to organize it in order for you to make it simple for visitors to plot a course to your site. Think about of surveying your clients for recommendations for you to know what adjustments you need to do to better organize your site for them. In addition, you must also make use of some analytics like Crazy Egg to analyze the behavior of your visitors. Thus, it will aid you to discover the areas where there would be problems in connection of navigation or engagement.

Subsequent to that, you need to optimize your content at the same time you focus to the long-tail keywords. Make use of the Google’s Keyword Planning Tool in order to search long-tail keywords. By putting your URL to the tool, you can adjust and refine the process. Eventually it will get back along with a list of recommended keywords that you can target. Thus, it will aid you to target the most efficient keywords that are best for your site.


Even though Content is a necessity for this process, Links are still an essential strategy, nevertheless, relevance and quality outrank quantity. Remember that your back links must be from trusted sites. You can find high quality back links by means of press releases, re-purposed contents and guest blogging as well.

For you to repurpose your content, you must search for information that can be changed from text into a video, or maybe a data to info-graphics.
You can take can take advantage of the real-world connection like the local groups, professional associations, networking events, civic groups and speaker’s associations as well.

Social Media

Among the three pillars, Social Media is the very significant part to complete it. We are aware that each business is different thus, social media networks runs differently for the marketers individually. For an instance, Google+ runs very well for b2b companies, whereas the Pinterest runs for the image driven products like clothing and home décor. Remember that the only thing you need to do is to make an interaction to social media, create your brand at the same time experiment with various platforms to discover out, which is the best with your customer.

Acquiring these three SEO strategies will for sure enhance your idea in Search Engine Optimization. As what mentioned above, with the increasing demand in the competition, it is essential that you are equipped with strategies to generate traffic.

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