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Choose Topics That Draw Visitors to Your Website

Internet is like a double-edged sword when it comes to online business. It allows you to reach thousands, millions and billions of potential customers rapidly. On the other hand, this will also challenge you to compete and endure in a vast competition in the field you are. And because of this, you need to always find the best way to attract visitors to your site since this is one of the major ways of enduring in the Online Business.

Knowing what your Customer’s Want

If you have been in your niche for quite some time, then probably you already know some basic concept regarding the concerns or the problems of prospective customers that they are trying to solve. For example, your niche is on dating and relationship. As an entrepreneur in this lucrative market, you probably are aware that customers who visit such market are looking for love.
Knowing this, you need to design pages that will deliver what your customers are looking for. In this market, most likely topics such as how to meet a woman or getting back with an ex can surely grab your customer’s attention.

Attract Visitors through Using Right Keywords

The search engines which people utilize to find what they are looking online uses keywords to filter tons of web pages and provide the users with the best ones, using popular keywords related to your niche is the key to get your page on the top of page rankings. If you wish to improve your ranking, include popular keywords to your last paragraph, sub-headers and headlines, images on your page, and even in the websites name itself.

Content Optimization

People generally visit websites for two reasons: either to learn something or simply be entertained. This means you have to choose topics that will satisfy either of the two requirements if you want to attract visitors. Typically, if your content goal is to entertain, the best possible tool is though using videos.

Choose Something Controversial… but not too much

If you wish to attract eyeballs, you must have something to say. Select topics related to your niche that is in the “hot button”. Visitors who land to your page has their own opinions, but once you have something insightful and relevant to say regarding a controversial issue or a current event related to your niche, visitors will then surely want to hear it.
However, it is a must to be cautious of your chosen words, be careful not to turn off your visitors, as much as possible stay away from radical arguments or extreme reviews. Furthermore, visitors wants to engage in conversations, invite them to share their ideas and thoughts. Through this they will feel that you value what they are going to say.
People are attracted with something of value, thus providing a high-value content that educates, entertains or does both is one of the keys to successfully attract more visitors to your page. Although technicality matters, such as choosing popular keywords for high SEO ranking, it’s still the content which will drive more visitors to your site and make them stay with you.

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