Canada’s New Spam Law Goes Into Effect July 1st 2014 | Richard Takemura

Canada’s New Spam Law Goes Into Effect July 1st 2014

I’ve been hearing everyone talk about the new Canadian Spam Law that’s about to take affect.

So I decided to take a look and see how it would affect me. Oh man, there’s a plethora of confusing details you can read on thier website HERE.

The types of messages that apply to this law include any means of telecommunications which are SMS, Social Networking, Websites, Applications, Blogs, Voice Recordings to Telephone Account, and much more that I haven’t read yet.

For the purposes of this Act, a commercial electronic message is an electronic message that, having regard to the content of the message, the hyperlinks in the message to content on a website or other database, or the contact information contained in the message, it would be reasonable to conclude has as its purpose, or one of its purposes, to encourage participation in a commercial activity, including an electronic message that

  • (a) offers to purchase, sell, barter or lease a product, goods, a service, land or an interest or right in land;
  • (b) offers to provide a business, investment or gaming opportunity;
  • (c) advertises or promotes anything referred to in paragraph (a) or (b); or
  • (d) promotes a person, including the public image of a person, as being a person who does anything referred to in any of paragraphs (a) to (c), or who intends to do so.

Most of it is similar to the CAN-SPAM Act

But here’s something that will change the game for everyone.

If someone is on your list you only have 6 months to sell them. If they don’t buy anything during that time they must be taken off your list. If they do buy something within those 6 months you have 24 months from the day they made a purchase to keep sending materials.


I don’t think I even want to deal with any of it. I’m already tired of reading through half of the new rules.

Sorry Canadians, but I will be deleting you all and will not be sending you emails any longer. It’s just not worth the risk or my time on top of the huge fines if i do something wrong. It sucks because almost 7% of my list is Canadian. Thank your government.

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