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Blogging is Serious Business!

Blogging- Widely Recognized as a Serious Business

During the earlier days of internet, a blog, which is a contraction of online journal or web blog, was originally a space where bloggers or writers spilled information and opinions regularly about a chosen topic or about their lives.  Blogs have certainly put these days behind as these can now be described as a unique type of website regularly updated with media or text posts that are eventually published in chronological order and utilized as potential marketing tool.

Truthful to Bloggers

Bloggers and consumers trust information presented in blogs. A study was conducted by Blogger in 2012 in collaboration with Vision Critical and it has been found out that about 98% of bloggers surveyed upon trust blogs more than any other type of online media. Moreover, 87% of this group had actually brought a product based on blog recommendations. states that there are 31 million bloggers in America alone. All sizes of businesses are actually doing the math.

Trustworthy Even to Non-Bloggers

Technocrat’s Digital Influence Report in 2013 revealed a statistic presenting that blogs rank number 3 in terms of influencing what customers purchase behind brand sites and retail sites. Blogs even outweighs Facebook by .3% margin in terms of prompting purchases. Individuals prefer to trust information they process and they also trust blogs over direct marketing medium like ads.

A Straightforward or Uncomplicated Medium

Bloggers make use of online software similar with Word Press, Blogger, Type pad, Tumbler, Movable Type, Live Journal and more. These web-based blogging platforms made it ultimately easy for many bloggers to come up with the look that they desire and to use images and video content on their posts and interact with audience.

Effective Traffic Boosters

Boosting traffic is no doubt an integral part of any online marketing technique. Establishing the ultimate backyard swings on content is considered a worthy accomplishment though individuals somehow have to learn that these incredible swings exist.

According to Hub Spot, companies that blog  over 20 times per month attracts about five times higher traffic than those companies that blog for only four times per month.

Blogging is a Sign of Being Competitive

Blogging has turned out to be the leading marketing technique so if you ignore blogging you will be left behind giving up part of your targeted market to your rivals. Hub Spot also reveals that about 81% of companies with updated blogs classify them as vital to their over-all marketing strategy. This also reported that 92% of firms or companies with blogs that post several times daily have attracted at least one customer from their blogs.

These are certainly good reasons to start blogging and promote your business. Writing a blog is not just a reliable marketing tactic but also an effective tool which pushes companies to think about what they do and why they are doing them. Aside from content publishing technique online, you must also consider good and standard methods of lead generation in order to obtain qualified prospects calling on the phone.

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