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Best WordPress Themes for Making Money Online

The Best WordPress Themes for Making Money Online

If you are launching an online business using WordPress, then you’re going to love this video about the best WordPress Themes for making money online. I’m going to share examples of themes that

will help your WordPress website or blog bring in more customers and make more cash.

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work in unison to produce a graphic interface with an unified design for a WordPress installation. In other words, it’s a website design that you can buy and install pretty inexpensively or for free.

All WordPress Themes use php to pull in content from a database and html to style the content for the end user.

Themes change the aesthetic look and feel of your website, without changing the core functionality of WordPress.

There are 2 main places to get themes:  1) Free directories such as, and 2) marketplaces like ThemeForest, Creative Market, or Mojo Themes.

Different theme categories for making money online include:


Squeeze pages


A good blogging theme makes a good first impression to your user and it helps your SEO.

Some examples of Blogging Themes are:

VideoTube – Let’s you collect, present, and share a world of videos.

SevenMag – Ideal for Gamers, News, Magazine, Ad,  and Review sites.

ProStore – Tailored for personal blogging.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that a good squeeze page theme allows online marketers to simplify the process of making any type of changes to a squeeze page. You want to be in and out quickly.

Squeeze page WordPress theme examples include:

ShowPro – This is a mobile-friendly theme with a responsive design, which means it can be viewed and used correctly by people on desktops, mobile phones, or tablets

Unbounce Landing Pages – These are clean, modern template with customisable background image

OptimizePress – This is a tried and true paid theme that has been around for years. It lets you dupliate squeeze pages quickly and easily so you can split-test a variety of pages with only one small difference.

Ecommerce WordPress themes transform your site into a powerful online store that can scale and let you mnage everything.

Examples of Ecommerce-oriented themes include:

Online Sale – This is a responsive wp-ecommerce theme that’s a great start, as it has enough features to pretty much run your e-commerce business.

WooCommerce Responsive Theme – This is a perfect shopping cart solution for fashion, accessories, and digital devices,

Elgrande – This theme has 7 different layouts that you can use for your ecommerce websites, which is great if you’d like a variety to choose from.

So your choice of theme is very important to the effectiveness of your sales funnel.   Content clearly should be presented correctly so  your audience absorbs your marketing message in its fullest.

Most people simply pack their blogs or websites with unnecessary stuff that usually serves no specific purpose other than to clutter the overall design.   This lowers visitor attention span and your conversion rate.

That is why it’s crucial when choosing a theme for your online money-making venture,  you pick  one that keeps content neat, structured, and visually appealing!

After all, you only have a few seconds to get the attention of your prospect.

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