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In this article I go over the best free apps and software that every internet marketer should have. Consider these tools the foundation of your online toolkit, or the most fundamental apps and pieces of software you’ll always want to have on hand. While there are certainly other free tools that are extremely useful, the dozen that we’ve listed here are downright essential for just about any internet marketer in any situation.

Top 12 Best Free Apps you should consider using


Skype has become the basic standard for free voice calls and video conferencing online. If you’re completely new or if you’ve been avoiding it for some reason, it’s important to become familiar with it as a number of people you’ll need to communicate with will likely expect you to be using it. Click here to use Skype.


If you need to manage a team or coordinate with other marketers, Asana provides an excellent central meeting place in which you can create individual “tasks” to which notes and files can be attached and individual assignments can be made. Even if you’re going entirely solo, Asana provides a convenient cloud-based organizer for your notes and files. Click here to use Asana


You’ll likely come to a point where you need to publish a same (or similar) post to a variety of sites and social media outlets. HootSuite provides a time-saving cloud-based service that ties all of your various accounts together and allows you to create one post that is then adapted to each account type for you and posted automatically. Click here to use HootSuite


As you go through your career, you’re going to collect a dizzying amount of logins. Of course, due to the threat of hacking and security breaches, you really shouldn’t be using the same username and password for all of them. Enter Passpack, which will safely store the login information for all of your different accounts in encrypted form, allowing you to access any account with just one password. The free version of Passpack supports up to 100 accounts. Click here to use Passpack 


This free and open-source office suite serves as a full replacement for the now subscription-based Microsoft Office. It is capable of handling just about any word processing, spreadsheet or presentation task as well as being able to create basic databases and reports. Click here to use LibreOffice 


As LibreOffice provides a free alternative to Microsoft Office, GIMP provides a capable free alternative to Photoshop. It isn’t quite robust enough for a professional graphic designer, but it amply covers the needs of the average marketer. Click here to use GIMP

Amazon Simple Storage Service and Cloudberry Explorer

Amazon’s S3 service provides simple and free cloud storage. There are paid plans, but the free tier of the service gives you five GB of storage and 15 GB of data transfer each month for one year. Cloudberry Explorer is a third-party file browser for S3 that is much more intuitive than the stock interface and makes it easier to move files between different accounts. Click here to use (S3) Click here to use Cloudberry Explorer


Jing enables you to easily take screenshots. While that can be done with the Prt Sc button in Windows, this saves the step of having to fire up an image editor to paste the screenshot in between each snapshot. Jing is also able to record videos of up to five minutes long. Click here to use Jing


This free audio editor and mixer is a requisite for those venturing into the world of podcasts, or who otherwise just need to record audio for some reason. Audacity can import and export just about all of the major sound file formats. Click here to use Audacity

Google Analytics

This free service should be installed on every Web page and blog you run to track visitor activity and demographics. Unless you’re paying for a more robust alternative, this is virtually required for anyone with a Web presence of any sort. Click here to use Google Analytics

Color Cop

This simple and free utility allows you to hover over a color in a palette to see its hexadecimal value for use in Web page and blog coding. The code can also be quickly copied to the clipboard. Click here to use Color Cop

Veeam Endpoint Backup

In the midst of all your Internet work, don’t forget to make physical backups of all your valuable data! Veeam will not only make a full copy of the contents of each hard drive, but will compress them significantly for storage as well. Click here to use Veeam Endpoint Backup

I hope this list of the best free apps and software will help you run much more efficient.

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