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Author Rank by Google-Helping Establish you as an Authority

Google has recently introduced a system known as Author Rank in order to help reduce the amount of spam content on the web. This system allows users to obtain search results that have more relevant content because they were written by a reputable author. It is used in conjunction with Google Authorship, a program that is directly tied into your Google + account, and can be valuable tool to use to increase your SEO efforts.

How does it Work?

The way Author Rank works is simple. Google ranks a piece of content based on the perceived credibility of the author who has written it. This in turn leads to higher placement in search engines, thereby resulting in an increase in web traffic. It does not replace Google’s current page rank system, but instead is used in conjunction with it in order to help Google decide how valuable certain content is so that it can be rated accordingly.

Building Author Rank

Since Author Rank can be tied somewhat to SEO placement, you may be wondering how you increase your ranking with Google. In determining an individual’s ranking, Google considers a number of factors include social media presence, the quality of backlinks to an author’s material, page rank of the site this content appears on, and user mentions/tweets/retweets. The timeliness and quality of content also play a part in determining Author Rank as well.

Taking Advantage of Author Rank

In order to start building your own author rank, you’ll first need to set up a Google+ account and then upload a picture of yourself. After completing your profile, you’ll then be able to add sites under the “contributor to” section. If possible, you should link to the exact page you contribute to rather than simply the home page. Be sure to keep this information updated by adding new sites once you begin actively contributing to them. Google will provide you with a code that you can embed into your posts in order to collect data about the sites you contribute to and credit your Author Rank account accordingly.


There are a number of benefits to Google Authorship including:

• Allows ghostwriters to be credited for their work, which would otherwise be performed anonymously.
• Can be used to reduce piracy, plagiarism and copyright infringement issues
• Helps authors gain exposure for their blog or website, even if they do not have a great deal of SEO knowledge
• Can provide a user with other results from the same author, thereby increasing exposure even further.
• Helps individuals establish themselves as trustworthy, thereby leading to higher paying writing gigs.

If you’re a beginning blogger, a good way to jumpstart your readership could be through the use of Google Authorship to increase your Author Rank. Once you have established yourself, continue to provide high quality, fresh content to your web page, and you will continue to reap the benefits of this tool for some time to come.

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