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Article Marketing Explained

Many people have heard about article marketing but do not really understand what it is. There are different ways article marketing can be used to help.

Write an informative article about something that is related to the content of your website, service or product, then mass submitting articles to submission or free content websites.

Because the links in the author bio section or footer of the article, every article directory you submit to is linking back to you. While this creates a lot of one-way inbound links, remember that websites are not likely to be relevant to your product, service or Web site content.

Moreover, article directories also link to thousands of websites. Even on the page where your article appears in place, it is likely that many other links accompany your links on the same page, which further diminishes the value of those links.

It’s worth the effort. These inbound links definitely will not hurt and will help some, but the goal of submitting your article to all the article directories is so that other webmasters and bloggers can find your items.

Whenever a webmaster or blogger uses your article on a website or blog that is related to your content, product or service, then you are accomplishing something. These are valuable backlinks one way and take the weight with search engines like Google.

Write unique articles for high traffic websites.

This is another way you can use article marketing to improve your search engine rankings and link popularity and get traffic directly from those who read your article.

For this, you really need to polish your writing style. You need to write an informative article that is grammatically correct first. It has to be 500-700 words.

You need to provide references from recognized facts and quotations to support their theories or opinions. It will also help to illustrate that the information is correct. These types of items require more research, as they have to be precise.

Once you’ve written your article, offer it as an exclusive item one high traffic website where your issue is related to their content, products or services. This item will be seen by many, if accepted and will be the direct result of the amount of traffic you get from a single item shipped to a single web page.

I will offer one last way to use article marketing effectively. Write the article as if it were an exclusive item as mentioned above to another site and put it on your own website.

Once you have the article written and published on its website, taking the direct link to the item page and start posting in forums and comments on blogs that are related to the topic of your article. Use the link to the item page in your signature. line or as a reference if you find people discussing exactly what the article explains.

By using the article to help others, They will find what else you have on your website. The link in your signature. line, also increases the link popularity of that page, and to your website. Make sure the rest of your site is linked from the page you put the item in and even can help your website get crawled by search engines.

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