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Affiliates, How To Become An Article Marketer

If you are at all familiar with article marketing, then you know that the main thrust behind your articles is the bio box or resource box. Here’s where it gets a link to a website important that you are trying to promote.

But that can be a real problem when you are trying to promote a product that is not theirs.

Affiliate links can be long and quite ugly, not to speak out. So it is very difficult to get readers to look like an expert when your links are all those “=”, “?” and long series of numbers and codes on it.

To compound the problem, most article directories and strip the html coding in both the article body and bio box and link to your URL in place.

So hide your affiliate link behind a long encoded text is more or less out of the question too. Which leaves to publish your articles with your affiliate hyerlinked in your bio box. And as you probably know, is very hard to hide something that is neon blue on white and black.

There are, however, some things you can do to hide the fact that you are promoting an affiliate product. Some of them have some potential disadvantages, but when you’re desperate, anything is better than nothing.

1. Shrink URL’s:

Pros: These are usually free to use and can change any link to a much smaller cloaked link. Just paste the long affiliate link in the box and click a button to get a mini link will take visitors to the same page.

Cons: Your new URL will have the domain name in the link of the gearbox. If it is a popular service can meet their links timeout when their servers are over worked.

Experienced sellers usually know what means a shrunken URL (affiliate link).

2. Deviations PHP script:

Pros: Allows you to create alternative links directly to your own domain. Good for article marketing because you usually have to put the script in a folder called “recommended” or something similar. So your link looks like. . .

“ / recommends / theirproduct”

Cons: You have to manually adjust the php files and upload them to your server. Then you have to have a system where you can keep track of all your affiliate links real, what has changed its name and where you are on your server.

3. Desktop Management Programs link:

Pros: You fill in a few lines on a form, click a few buttons and new links are created and uploaded to the server for you. The actual affiliate links are stored in the system along with the name and location of the redirected links. In addition, you are able to easily modify the process.

You can create hundreds of links to a product, which is a great advantage to article marketing, because if you use a program article submission you can load all the different links in different bio boxes, html code that solves the problem depletion in the directories.

Cons: do not come free. There is a price to pay for the ease, speed and efficiency. Prices vary, but expect to pay at the lower of about $ 40.

In any case, there are ways to turn a successful affiliate marketer on a great article marketer fed. Affiliate links do not have to resemble more affiliate links, which opens things up for affiliate marketers to use this highly effective marketing place.

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