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Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online

Affiliate marketing and making money online are two phrases that seem to go together whenever a person is seeking an opportunity to earn some passive income from the internet in the comfort of their homes. Most Google searches for the term making money online will undoubtedly bring up results that are related to affiliate marketing, mostly with success stories of how several people have been able to live the life of their dreams by being able to do it very well. There are a lot of ways to make money online apart from affiliate marketing but affiliate marketing doesn’t require a lot of skill or education. In order to make money online as say a freelancer a person may have to have some form of skill either in writing, web design or any other skill that would require a lot of education. But this is not the case with affiliate marketing; anyone can become a successful affiliate marketer and earn a lot of money online even if they have no skills whatsoever.

This is because the affiliate marketer basically sells other products created by other people from which he/she earns a commission. The commission earned may vary but the amount is usually sufficient for the Affiliate marketer to earn a living from their marketing skills. Marketing skills are however necessary but with the internet, the skills are pretty easy to learn and easy enough to be executed by anyone. Affiliate marketing as a way of making money online is one of the easiest ways to get started for anyone seeking to make an extra income from the internet, because there is no need to create products or have to deal with payment processing which can be a hassle for a beginner in the internet marketing business and all an affiliate marketer has to do is focus on getting potential clients for the product they are promoting and leave it to the merchant selling the product to close the deal.

An affiliate marketer makes money on a business model that is entirely online. There is no offline marketing required although an affiliate marketer may chose to do so if they want although it is completely unnecessary. The whole business model is centered on the internet, from how the marketer gets in touch with the merchant to how the marketer gets potential customers. The system is simple, once an affiliate marketer has established a merchant whose products they want to promote, the marketer will get a special link unique to the specific marketer that is used to track the number of visitors that the marketer sends to the merchant’s website. If the visitors buy the products offered by the merchant, the affiliate marketer is paid a certain amount usually a percentage of the sale price as agreed.

There are a number ways all on the internet that an Affiliate marketer can use to get the prospective customers for the product that they are promoting. The most commonly used method is by using pay per click advertisements such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads to send traffic to the specific affiliate link. This method may work and has been known to be effective although the traffic from pay per click ads may be very expensive and thereby reduce the amount of profit that an Affiliate marketer will make, the traffic is also what is referred to as cold traffic which means that the prospects procured by this method may not be able to convert into sales.

Affiliate marketing has had to take a different direction in the quest to get high quality and high converting traffic; prospects that are guaranteed to buy and therefore make the most profit for the affiliate marketer. One of the ways that affiliate marketers have managed to do this is by building lists of prospects names and emails. An affiliate marketer essentially collects a bunch of names and emails of potential clients who will most likely buy a product that they would be promoting, marketers do this by offering an irresistible gift to their prospects such as a free report or video or even training course that may solve the prospect’s current problem in exchange for their mane and email address that the marketer will use to market to the prospect.

In order to this effectively, a marketer would have to pick an area of expertise that they can specialize in. An affiliate marketer will have to pick a niche. There are a lot of areas that an affiliate marketer may specialize in including health and weight loss niches, online marketing niches, personal development niches among many others. Once a marketer has decided on the niche they want to focus on, then they can come up with the topic of interest on which they will base their free content. The affiliate marketer can then market products that are specific to the needs of the people on their list who all have something in common and hence make it almost guaranteed that the prospects will buy as opposed to just sending cold traffic to a link through ads.

An affiliate marketer makes use of an Autoresponder service to collect and store the names and email addresses as well as for the purpose of sending emails to their list automatically. This method allows the marketer to promote e number of offers to a list of buyers who are already pre-sold thanks to their need to fulfill a certain desire that the product can do.

Affiliate marketing and making money online are synonymous because affiliate marketing happens to be the easiest, cost effective and most accessible way to make money online for anyone.

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