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6 Steps to Creating a Killer Offer

If you successfully generate an effective and efficient sales funnel, each of your new customers signifies not just a sole sale, but a sequence of sales that will definitely increase the LTV (lifetime value) of your costumers. But it doesn’t end here, if you want to be successful in online business you have to drive new customers from time to time to your sales funnel.

There may be numerous ways of driving traffic to your sales funnel, but there is one, which allows you to do it easily in an affordable rate. This is to make a squeeze page, which offers freebies perceiving high value, which is also known as creating a “killer offer”.

Research the Market Competition

Providing a killer offer for free in exchange for the personal information such as phone number and email of a prospective customer on a squeeze page is not a new thing. Most of your competitors are currently using the same platform in driving traffic to sales funnels.

Seeing what your competitors in the Internet Market offers as giveaways or freebies on their squeeze page is the first step on creating a killer offer. You can have an intensive research through looking at the given offers outside your forte.

Polling of the Existing Base

The best way of determining what your upcoming customers want is through creating short survey on your existing customers, asking questions such as something that relates to the problems they are currently experiencing. It must be related to your offered product or service, what page content do they prefer to use: PDF, Video, links, audio files, and what are the kinds of content they like best.

Brainstorm for Potential Ideas

Take the valuable information you acquire during your research and survey, brainstorm for killer offers that you could probably provide to your customers. Don’t be afraid or hold back your ideas. The goal of this brainstorming is to come up with “killer offer” that is imaginable and so you could have as many choices as possible, narrow them down into 2 or 3 best ideas afterwards.

Find the Best Format and Settle with the Best Idea

Since you already got enough resources, from the research and survey, you can now easily develop ideas and pin point the best “Killer Offer” you could probably have. Remember that your Free offer is the first step of your marketing success. Through developing a “Killer offer” you will most likely develop a higher chance of getting ahead of the competition.

Build Your Killer Offer Framework

You can now convert your abstract killer offer idea into a genuine product, which you can give away on the squeeze page. You can either create it yourself through coming up with basic concepts, build framework  around your chosen theme and fill in your killer offer or see a similar product that already exist as PLR (Private Label rights) Product that you can either modify or offer it as is.

Promotion of Killer Offer on the Squeeze Page

After creating a killer offer, you now can post in on the squeeze page and monitor the responsiveness of your visitors. You can even tweak it to be more appealing and so be more effective in converting visitors into paying customers.

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