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5 Ways to Maximize Your Brand on Social Media

If you want to stay competitive, you need to institute a social media marketing strategy that goes hand-in-hand with your other marketing efforts online and in the real world, creating a unified plan for branding.  Here are just a few ways to maximize your brand on social media.

Branding is not just about coming up with a clever name, a memorable logo, and catchy slogans or jingles to make your business more recognizable.  Branding is also about creating a public image that reflects your professional ideals, your company’s mission, and your overall goals in business.

Branding is focused not only on raising awareness, but also creating a defining set of parameters that the consumer public comes to associate with your company; an understanding that you offer superior products or services, that you are an industry leader, and that you are trustworthy.

There are many ways to engage in branding.  These days, the internet is quickly becoming an important branding tool, and while having a website and optimizing constitute a good start, you really can’t afford to avoid the inevitable.  Social media marketing is the future.

1. Target the Right Social Media Platforms

There are many social media outlets to choose from, and as a business owner you probably don’t have time to target them all.  This means you have to be choosy about which platforms you utilize to support your brand.

Facebook is a given.  This platform has proved it can stand the test of time, and new investments, insights, and innovations continue to make Facebook an industry leader where social media is concerned.  The same may not be true of Twitter, which some pundits claim is on the way out due to struggles to monetize.

Still, Twitter has a huge user base, so you may want to include it in your strategy for the foreseeable future.  Other platforms that have gained massive popularity and continue to grow are Instagram and Pinterest, while relative newcomers like Periscope gaining notice.

All of these social media platforms offer businesses different opportunities to reach out to consumers, promote and grow a brand, and gain followers and patrons.  Carefully consider where you want your time, effort, and budget to go and what type of ROI you stand to see before selecting your social media platforms.

2. Create Consistent, Relevant Content

You might not think creating content for short-form social media platforms is as important as, say, creating content for your website or blog.  However, properly utilizing these formats to build and support your brand requires understanding of how the platforms work and what they can deliver.

Your content must be consistent, for one thing, so that followers don’t get bored or forget about your brand.  You also need to post regularly.  Content should also be relevant, which is to say, informative, timely, and engaging.

In terms of brand building, you should use social media to tell your story.  Facebook and Twitter allow you to do this in words while platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are more focused on photos and graphics.

Your strategy will have to accommodate multiple formats so that you can get the most out of your social media accounts.

3. Engage Followers

How can you get followers to connect with your brand through social media?  The answer is a little different for every company.  The trick is to figure out what your customers are lacking, how you can give it to them, and specifically, how the tools social media provides can help you to do it.

Engaging customers is by no means simple, but it can be more easily accomplished when you find a way to create common ground. This allows your followers to find your brand relatable, likeable, and worthy of personal investment.

4. Interact

Once you’ve managed to start a conversation with consumers and begin building an online community of support for your brand, you cannot rest on your laurels.  You need to follow up.

This means taking the time to check comments and respond.  It’s not enough to monitor the conversation – you also have to participate if you want to form lasting relationships and make a good impression on followers.

5. Hire a Social Media Manager

Okay, you’re busy.  You run a business and there are more pressing matters to occupy your time.  Good news – you can hire expert help.

You need expert accountants, marketers, and sales personnel, so why wouldn’t you hire an experienced social media manager to take over the crucial task of building your brand through social media?  If you’re struggling to keep up with changing trends and your efforts are falling flat, hiring a pro could be the solution you need.

Need help? Contact me to set up a consultation so we can figure out what you need to maximize your brand on social media. Contact me here.

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