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Benefits of Blogging For Your Business

While blogging might have begun its life as little more than a digital form of keeping a journal, the practice has grown and evolved into one of the most successful tools modern businesses have available to them. If your business doesn’t have a blog, or the blog always falls by the wayside when it comes time to allocate resources, here are some reasons you might want to reconsider that strategy. These reasons are brought to you courtesy of Hub Spot, Income Diary, and Stay on Search.

Benefit #1: A Blog Drives Traffic

A website with no traffic is like that proverbial tree that falls in the forest; if no one’s around to see it or hear it, does your site actually exist? If you have a blog, though, then you have something that’s regularly updated, and which should draw people to you. The more popular your blog gets, the more readers will show up like clockwork to see your new updates. And, of course, if readers like your blog, then they’re more likely to see what else your business has to offer. That will lead to conversions, which is just what you want to happen.

Benefit #2: It Makes You Into An Authority on Your Subject

In order for your business to succeed, you need your customers to trust that you know what you’re doing. Whether you’re a fast food joint, or an outpatient clinic, you need to put your customers at ease, and show them that you really know your stuff. A professional looking blog with clear, concise information will show your readers you are an expert in the field… whatever your particular field happens to be.

Benefit #3: It Opens A Dialogue With Your Customers

In the days when newspapers were king, there was no such thing as a dialogue between readers and authors. Unless you count the letters to the editor, that is. In today’s world, though, people don’t just want to read articles; they want to talk to those who create them. That’s why social media looms so large in our day-to-day affairs, and it’s why people feel free to express themselves by emailing blog owners, or leaving comments on their posts. While the common Internet advice is to never read the comments, it’s actually important for you to do just that if you want to get a sense of what is striking chords with your audience. That, and you need to respond to their feedback, because blogging is a two-way street when it comes to communication.

Benefit #4: Blogging Generates Backlinks

Backlinks are extremely useful things for any business. Any time your site is mentioned on a different site, and a link is given, that makes you appear more popular. Search engines see that, and when they do it bumps your website up closer to the number one slot in search results. While this isn’t the primary benefit of having a business blog, a long-running blog can do a lot for your search result standing. That is the main benefits of blogging for your business.

Benefit #5: It’s A Long-Term Investment

Your blog isn’t like a coupon you put in an ad circular, or a TV commercial you have run for a month. Your blog is a permanent creation, and it continues to exist long after the post is made. That means your posts, especially the popular ones, can keep reaping you new harvests of traffic and customers long after the initial effort of creating them was made.

These are, of course, just a few of the benefits blogging has for your business. If you’d like to know more, then all you have to do is contact me today!

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