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3 Steps to Increasing Profits from Email Conversion

Some people say that in social media’s popularity, email will eventually become a thing in the past, or will be the least insignificant in way that the postal mail service is less popular than the time it was the king. There are even those who claim that the youngest users of internet don’t have their email address and are now just using Face Time, texting and other advanced platforms as their main means of communication online.

The truth is that’s only a bunch of non-sense. You need to keep in mind that in everything you do in the internet, email address is needed even when signing up for the most popular internet services such as Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, even in digital banking and online paying of bills. Another thing is that people do not always want to become accessible instantly to everybody that’s why they keep their e-mail address as a filter that will only allow a few people to freely communicate with them.

Either of the cases, one thing is for sure; email is not going away in anytime or soon. It will remain as one of the best ways in promoting services or products you offer via online business.

Step 1 – Use your Email to Build Up Relationships
You may notice that in your email, there is a Spam Folder. This is one of the biggest advantages of using email offers; most of the junk is diverted automatically into the separated folder that many users don’t have time to look at.
Your goal as an email marketer is to avoid the spam folder and the easiest way to do that is to build up relationships with your contacts in order for them to expect your emails, and more likely read them once received.

When approaching your email contacts, you need to think as if you are a salesman. Do not approach them as if you are their friends as they will just ignore you, or worse mark you as spammer. In order to effectively approach them, you need firs to offer your personal information. Share photos, stories, especially those you think they can relate most. Also, don’t forget to mention the most interesting things that happened in your life. Make your conversation interesting.

Step 2 – Don’t Always Sound Selling
One common mistake of email marketer is that they kept on pushing one product after another that will only just irritate the customer. Keep in mind that doing these is the quickest route to SPAM folder.
It is very important for you to ensure that you already built their trust to you emails. Slowly build friendship and they will eventually become more open to the ideas of buying or products or services that you promote. Make it sound like you are only making a recommendation instead of selling it directly to them.

Step 3 – Provide a High-Value Content
The easiest way in order to prevent your emails from going to Spam folder is to make you emails have a high value content. By providing them helpful information that they use in their daily lives, you can possibly nurture your relationship and avoid being considered as an unwanted guest.

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