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15 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Having a blog these days is one thing. However, in order for it to be a success, it will require a regular readership. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use a range of methods that will generate traffic to your blog on a regular basis. Although there are many ways in which you can generate traffic to your blog, not all of them are successful. In fact, your blog may even be penalized by major search engines if unorthodox internet marketing methods are used.

1. Update Your Blog Regularly

It’s a known fact that most people searching for content online want it to be fresh and up-to-date. One of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog is to ensure that you embark on a regular posting schedule, whether it is daily, weekly or even monthly. What usually works quite well is to find out from regular readers by means of either an on-site or email survey how often they would like to see new content posted. When it comes to posting content on your blog, it is important to provide your readers with top-quality information that is able to answer their questions, as it will ensure that they remain engaged in your blog instead of searching for answers elsewhere.

2. Harness the Power of Search Engines

Millions of internet users make use of search engines each day for a variety of reasons. A tip that usually helps to generate traffic to your blog is to submit it to as many search engines as possible, as this will help advertise the fact that your blog is available. There is no guarantee of your blog reaching the first page of a search engine’s results by simply submitting it to them. Even so, you will at least be ensuring that your blog stands a chance of receiving a little traffic as a result. Here, it is important to do a little research with regards to which methods of link submission are allowed, as many automated software programs designed for this purpose can decrease rankings substantially.

3. Use Social Networking Sites to your Advantage

When looking for ways to generate traffic to their blogs, many people tend to forget about the power of social networking sites. Content posted on these sites is typically seen by thousands of viewers at a time, which makes them an ideal option to generate traffic to a blog. With recent developments and advances that have been made to the more popular social networking sites, it has become possible for blog owners to conveniently schedule their posts to appear at times when traffic levels to them will be at their highest. Bloggers should remember that the social networking profiles for their blogs should be professional and relevant to the content posted on their sites.

4. Make use of Tags, Links and Backtracks

Although not many people give a thought to backtracks, they can serve a useful purpose for those wishing to generate traffic to their blog. Visiting and commenting on blogs that allow trackbacks will not only provide a legitimate link back to your blog; the chance of other visitors to that blog clicking on your backtrack link and ending up at your blog is also quite high. In most cases, the comments section on blogs makes allowance for readers to add a link back to their blog along with their comment. Adding a few tags that are relevant to the content of your posts will also make it a lot easier to generate traffic to your blog.

5. Consider Using the WordPress Blogging Platform

Most WordPress developers have designed their themes with search engine optimization in mind, which is why it is easier to generate traffic to your blog when using this platform. Most WordPress themes also have a host of compatible plugins and widgets that make sharing your blog content through various social networking and bookmarking channels easier than ever before. While WordPress in itself does make it easier to attract blog traffic, it should be noted that choosing a fast-loading theme is crucial. When blogs load quickly, readers will be more likely to want to visit your page, as it means they will not have to wait more than a few seconds for content to load.

6. Take the Time to Customize Your 404 Error Page

Nobody’s blog content is immune to online errors, which is why a customized 404 error page should be considered when designing your blog.In most cases, blog readers who encounter a 404 error on a site will click away and look elsewhere for their content fix. You can customize your error page by placing links on it that lead to other content on your blog. This will help keep readers on your blog instead of having them navigating elsewhere after receiving the error message. By doing this, you will be helping to lower your blog’s bounce rate, which in turn will help generate traffic to it in larger numbers.

7. Participate in Niche-Orientated Blog Carnivals

These days, there are blog carnivals that cater to just about any available blogging niche. Not only are these carnivals ideal for a new blogger to get a feel for what is popular in their particular niche; they also help bloggers generate traffic to their blogs in higher numbers than if they did not take part. Blog carnivals not only generate links back to your own blog; they are also one of the best places for your talent to be discovered by those who are more experienced. Blog posts that are entered into these carnivals are often shared with outside readers, which in turn will generate even more traffic to your blog.

8. Make Guest Blogging Work for You

While some bloggers may not be familiar with this concept, others have learned to use it as a way to generate traffic to their own blogs. Guest blogging involves approaching more popular bloggers in your chosen niche and requesting the opportunity to provide them with quality content to post on their blog. This content is usually provided in exchange for a short bio describing who you are along with a direct link back to your blog. Although not all of the readers will click on the link to your blog, at least a few of them are guaranteed to do so. Over time, regular guest blogging will help increase readership to your blog.

9. Leave Comments on Other Blogs

The blogosphere is all about sharing and engagement. Taking the time to visit other blogs in your particular niche and regularly leaving meaningful comments on them will help increase the number of links back to your own blog. The more links you make available to your blog, the easier it will be to generate traffic to it. A secret to generating guaranteed traffic to your blog is to leave engaging comments that are not spam-ridden, and that collaborate with the content of the post. Although it is usually permissible to include a link to your blog along with your name, it is considered rude and promotional to include multiple links to your content in a single comment.

10. Install Google Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results

This is a free tool that most bloggers should be familiar with. Google Analytics is able to show a blogger precisely where their main sources of traffic are coming from, regardless of whether it is social network sites or other blogs. This is an ideal tool for those who wish to generate traffic to their blogs, as it not only shows how many visits there are from a particular source; it also shows how many new visitors there have been as well as the total bounce rate of visitors to the blog. Although the functions in Google Analytics may seem somewhat overwhelming at first, they are quite easy to interpret once you are used to using it.

11. Add Appropriate Photos to your Posts

Almost everyone enjoys having a few pictures to look at while reading through a blog post, especially the longer ones. It is well worthwhile to spend time sourcing pictures for your posts and labeling them according to the tags used for the post itself. When sourcing and using photos however, it is important to only use your own photos or those that you know you have permission to use. Failure to do so may result in copyright infringement. There are many sites out there that can be used to source legal photos at affordable prices, especially when you purchase a membership and use the site regularly. Using a few photos will go a long way in helping generate traffic to your blog.

12. Offer a Subscriber Option on Your Blog

An ideal way to generate traffic to your blog is to have your regular readers subscribe in order to receive the latest updates. This ensures that they not only have your latest content delivered to their inbox; they no longer have the hassle of having to search online for it. It is usually quite easy to gain subscribers by offering the option of a free gift such as an e-book or online course that will offer them more of the information they are looking for.  A popular way to gain subscribers is to ensure that the subscription process is quick, easy and convenient. After gaining subscribers, it is important to ensure that you do not spam them with an excessive amount of emails.

13. Use Email and Offline Resources to Promote Your Blog

The more your blog’s address is advertised, the easier it will be to generate traffic to it. Adding it to your email signatures is an ideal way to promote your blog without having it appear as spam. Although many people restrict the advertising of their blog to online sources, there is no reason why you cannot use offline resources to advertise as well. Using offline resources such as business cards and networking gatherings can all play a part and help generate traffic to a blog. One of the best forms of advertising for various products is word of mouth, and there is no reason why this method should not be used to generate traffic to a website or blog.

14. Connect Your Blog to Your Online Profiles

These days, almost everyone makes use of online profiles on business and social networks. What they often forget is that they have the ability to generate traffic to their blogs by creating links between the blog and these profiles. This works well because it has the ability to attract a different set of readers. Most social networking sites offer the ability for bloggers to join forums or groups that cater to their specific niche, which enables them to interact with fellow bloggers and share their content. When connecting a blog to online profiles, it is important to ensure that information that is on these profiles is consistent with that on your blog.

15. Generate Traffic by Doing Keyword Research

Although many bloggers simply write what comes to mind, this may not always be the best way to generate traffic to their work. One of the most important pieces of research that should be done prior to posting should be that of keyword research. This will enable you to see which keywords rank higher than others, and by using the higher-ranking options, you will be able to improve the traffic flow to your blog substantially. In most instances, researching keyword possibilities prior to publishing your post can make all the difference between a post that is average and one that attracts thousands of readers each day.

While most bloggers want to generate traffic to their blogs, they should remember that in the midst of it all, they should always interact with their readers. In order to succeed at internet marketing, bloggers should ensure that they are honest and sincere, as these tactics will generate traffic in far larger numbers than they could ever imagine. Keeping up to date with these tactics can be time-consuming. If you’d like to receive qualified leads automatically every month, click here to learn more about my done-for-you system.

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