10 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate | Richard Takemura

How can you improve your website conversion rate?

You’ve figured out how to increase traffic to your website. Yet, despite the increase in traffic, your sales are still flat. The issue is the conversion rate.

What is a good conversion rate? It depends on who you ask, your industry, and about a dozen other factors.

The best benchmark for a good conversion rate simply better than what you’re doing right now. As long as you keep improving your conversion rate, it won’t matter what the standard benchmark it.

Keep reading for the top ten ways you can increase website conversions.

Attract the Right Leads

You’re generating traffic at a furious pace. The question is whether you’re attracting the right traffic. That’s the first step to improve your website conversion rate.

For example, if you’re selling a weight loss program for men over 45 and your traffic is coming from a site targeted towards women, odds are they’re not going to buy from you.

Check your analytics and see where your traffic is coming from. There might be sites or keywords that are driving the wrong type of client to your site.

Make Your Call to Action Crystal Clear

To get the most out of your calls to action, make sure that the design is consistent across your website. You don’t want one page to have a yellow button and another page a green button.

Another tip is to use words that are descriptive and active. Phrases such as “Download Your Whitepaper Now” and “Get Started” are good to use.

Look at your website from the perspective of someone visiting for the first time. Is it easy to find the call to action button? Is the action they should take crystal clear?

Test Your Pages & Track Results

Did you know that only 52% of marketers test their landing page copy? Even worse, only 58% track conversion rates.

Out of those who track conversions, the majority of the analytics aren’t set up to track most of the conversions.

Without testing copy or tracking results, you’re just throwing time, energy and money away. You will have no idea what part of your website is converting and where that traffic is coming from.

When you test, be sure to only test one element at a time. Run a test on your headline first, then run a test on your call to action. If you run a test on several items at the same time, you won’t be able to isolate what works.

Have Clear and Compelling Messaging

Just like your call to action, your messaging must be clear and compelling. You need to have a deep understanding of four things to create clear and compelling messaging:

  • The problem you solve
  • Who you solve it for
  • What lead you to create a business to solve this problem for others
  • The results people can expect to have

Your messaging should be so clear that people who visit your website will be able to relate to it immediately. Content that’s relatable will build trust.

That trust will lead to a conversion.

Use Testimonials In Your Copy

Testimonials are used to answer one question for prospects: “Will this work for me?”

If people are going to commit to something, they want to know it will work for them. Social proof such as testimonials is a great way to show that what you offer works.

Testimonials are also another step to build trust in your product or service before someone buys.

When you use testimonials, make sure that the problem you claim to solve in your messaging is the same problem in your testimonial.

Create Scarcity and Exclusivity

Scarcity and exclusivity are fantastic tools to get someone to convert now. Plus, when something is perceived as scarce or exclusive, the value increases.

To create scarcity, you can limit the number of products available for purchase, limit the time a product is available. You can also create memberships, or have a slow-roll out of a new product or service.

Remember when Google launched Google+ in 2011? Invites went to a few people first, which created more demand. Google+ was the hottest social channel and there was so much demand initially, many thought it could rival Facebook.

Don’t Get Bogged Down in Details

You might be the type to tell your prospect EVERYTHING they’re going to get. Please don’t throw up information all over them. They will only run away.

Seriously, there’s a balance between providing enough information and giving so much information that it becomes confusing for prospects.

That balance will depend on a lot of factors, including your offer. A high-end offer will need more detail than a low-end, low-risk offer.

Ask yourself what is the absolute minimum amount of information someone would need before they convert.

Have a Guarantee

A guarantee demonstrates to potential customers that you are confident in your product or service.

That instills confidence in your prospects and increases the likelihood they will convert.

That simple change can lead to a better website conversion rate.

A Website Conversion Starts with a Strong Headline

It’s been said that at least 80% of your success is the headline. The headline is meant to get people to read further.

Your headline should tell people what problem you solve, how someone will benefit and what they will get by staying on your website.

Simplicity Leads to a Website Conversion

We love to make things complex. It’s human nature. You’ll have to fight your nature to keep your website simple enough to increase conversions.

Giving people too many choices is website conversion killer. That’s why you want to have only one offer on each page.

Another key to simplicity is in your text. People generally read about 20% of the text, according to research by Jakob Neilsen.

Keep paragraphs short and sweet. You’ll also want to have subheadings to make it easier for readers to scan the important text on your page.

Better Conversion Rate = Better Lifestyle

Improving website conversions isn’t always easy. It requires patience and a willingness to experiment. Implementing this tips will lead you on the path towards higher revenue and ultimately, the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you want to love your life living the dot com lifestyle, contact me today to see how your website conversion rate can lead to a boom in your revenue.

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