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The 10-Step Structure for Sales Pages That Sell

So, What are the Components for Sales Pages That Sell?

In this article I’m going to explain the key components for sales pages that sell. Sale pages come in various form, but shares the same goal: to convert website visitors into leads or sales. Although there are, numerous methods or structures used to achieve that certain goal, all sale pages typically shares some similar structures, which enable it to obtain successfully their goal.

The following are a must to have to create a sell pages that sell:

Killer Headlines

Headline serves as the frontier of the page, which will or not attract customer’s interest. Your headline serves as your primary opportunity gaining the interest of your prospect customers through creating an emotional appeal to any problem they try to solve. To do this, headlines must be comprehensible and clear, must contain your keywords and need to fascinate reader and make them to read further.

Problem presentation

After creating a killer headline as well as sub headline, presenting the problem that your service or product wishes to give solution to will be your next job. Be sure to focus on the customer’s pain.

Introduce the Product as the Problem’s Solution

Your sale page must highlight your product as the only solution to the presented problem. It is vital to portray the product not as one of numerous possible solutions, but as the sole solution that will provide your customers the solutions, accurate kind of relief from the pain they currently experiencing.


This is not a requirement, but is a great help to “sweeten the pot”. This also aid on customers buying decision especially if they are short of budget. Typically, 1-2 additional related products are throw in for free. One to three bonuses option is already enough to further encourage customers to purchase the product, anything more might just confuse the customer. Don’t forget to include the value to the given bonus, through this you can increases the perceived value of the offer.

Social proof

Social Proof, also referred as “bandwagon approach”, allows you to show to your prospects how your previous customers have benefited from your offered product. This often takes the form of testimonials or reviews, and may also include stories of customers who have experienced great improvements on their lives after using your product.


Offering Guarantee is good to a business. Once you back-up a product with money-back guarantee, you can make some people wonder about what’s with your product. Aside from that, guarantee is a common thing that it might seem strange once you don’t offer one.

You could also offer guarantee within specific time duration so to avoid customers from coming back years or months later looking for refund. And when a customer ask for refund, be sure to provide it as fast as possible as it may affect your credibility.

CTA (Call to Action)

This is the most important part of your sale page or landing page. This is where you tell customers what you want them to do, so be sure to make it to the point and clear with no ambiguities. You must create CTA that could push customers to take actions.


PS or “post-script” can be used to either introduce new product or restate central points. You can use this t remind customers of the special offer or the deal and add urgency.

Creating a sale page is no joke, proper planning is needed if you want it to help you achieve your goal.

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