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10 Essential Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Plugins aids the smooth and easy functioning of websites. They provide numerous custom functions and features which allow users to design their sites according to their individual requirements. Thus essential wordpress plugins expand and improve the performance and flexibility of your sites. Public can avail plugins from various sources. There are approximately 40,000 options available in WordPress plugin Directory that offer numerous customizing options for site admins. Here is a list of some of the useful free plugins which can make your site look attractive and efficient.

  • 1. Akismet

If you wish to automatically remove any unwanted comments on your site or blog, then Akismet would be the answer. This is one of the default plugins in the WordPress core. As per the terms and conditions of Akismet Web Service, the plugin routinely checks for spams and also leaves a history of such deleted or flagged comments for site admins to view if needed. These cleared comments are usually highlighted in the history and are usually deleted after 15 days. Click here to get Akismet Plugin

  • 2. Jetpack

Jetpack comes with a wide variety of useful and smart features like improved security, enhanced site performance and flexibility, customer engagement features, ample content tools etc to improve your WordPress site. This plugin also provides such striking functions like post by Email, Social Sharing, spam-free Comments, Social Sharing and so on. One of the advantages of Jetpack is that you can even access from your tablets or smart phones as it provides options for mobile theme that is of less size and more receptive. Click here to get Jetpack Plugin

  • 3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is specially crafted to increase the downloading speed, especially during high traffic periods thereby improving the overall functionality of your site. This reduction of page load time will in turn help with your site’s ranking in search engines. Click here to get W3 Total Cache Plugin

  • 4. Google XML SiteMaps

Google XML site maps is a wordpress must have plugin which creates an XML sitemap for your website. Only if you have an XML site map can the search engines index your blog. With the help of this excellent plugin, search engine like Bingo, Google, Yahoo etc will be notified each time you generate a post on your novel content. Click here to get Google XML SiteMaps Plugin

  • 5. Google Analytics+

Another essential wordpress plugin which facilitates the easy access of search stats for any site or a group of sites by the users without exiting wordpress is Google Analytics +. Here the user need not log into the Google Analytics website to view the data in the dashboard. Even without logging in, there are provisions for fetching the data into your dashboard. Whether you are viewing a single website or many sites, the special features provided by this plugin in the dashboard, allows trouble free navigation. Click here to get Google Analytics

  • 6. Snapshot Pro Plugin

Snapshot Pro is one of the wordpress must have plugins which assist the user to back up and restore the whole WordPress site. If you have Snapshot Pro, there is no need for any other services to back up the site. The number of backups that the site admin can create with this plugin is unlimited. Click here to get Snapshot Pro Plugin

  • 7. Login Lockdown

The role of Login Lockdown plugin is to restrict too many login attempts from the same IP address for a certain period of time. This essential wordpress plugin records the IP address and timestamp whenever a failed login effort is made. This plugin helps to check fake password recovery endeavors. Click here to get Login Lockdown Plugin

  • 8. Ultimate Branding

Ultimate Branding is one of the wordpress must have plugins which assists the site admins to exhibit their company name, logo and colors throughout the site. If you want to make a wordpress branding yours, then this special plugin allows you to do so. Click here to get Ultimate Branding Plugin

  • 9. Appointments

Business concerns like clinics, studio, beauty parlors etc can make use of this plugin. This helps the customers to make their appointments through the wordpress site making site owners to easily manage the appointments. The plugin provides provisions to incorporate with PayPal to collect fee charges from the customers and there is absolutely no need for any extra codings. Click here to get Appointments Plugin

  • 10. SmartCrawl SEO

Smart Crawl SEO is a wordpress SEO plugin which can really enhance your website’s ranking. This plugin can take care of your Search Engine Optimization requirements in one go. Additional features of Infinite SEO include automatic sitemaps, Optimization tools and Moz integration. Click here to get Smart Crawl SEO

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